50 Berkley square's ghostly past dates back to the 1830's, when a young woman hurled herself to her death from an upstairs window.  A servant was also found in a catatonic state , paralyzed with fear, after "something horrible" in the bedroom.

The house then fell into the hands of a recluse known as Mr. Myers, who it is said had gone mad with grief after his fiancee eloped with another man. He has spent a small fortune refurbishing the house to his bride's liking, and he spent the rest of his life aimlessly wandering the rooms in mourning.

50 Berkeley Square

The house was vacant for 2 years, then in 1880 a family known as Bentley moved in. Their daughter was engaged to an army officer called Kenfield, and they were about to marry. There was a party at the house due to the forth coming wedding there were lots of guests. During the early evening loud screams were heard from the daughters room. Mr Bentley his wife and daughter and Kenfield found the servant in a near catatonic state in the bedroom, she was paralyzed with fear and unable to speak. She died in the hospital the next day after muttering that she had seen "something horrible" in the room.

Capt. Kenfield insisted on staying in the room over night, despite his fiancee's pleas. He set a bell up and promised that he would ring the bell if he saw anything he also had a loaded pistol at his side. It was in the early hours of the morning when frantic sounds of bell ringing filled the house, followed by a loud gunshot. When the family got to the room the found Kenfeild lying on the floor, convulsing in terror, just as the servant had, his eyes were fixed on a corner of the room. The pistol was still clutched in his hand, there was a bullet hole in the corner of the room that was staring at. His words were garbled and gibberish. Kenfeild recovered, but he was never his old self again - and was never able to speak of what he saw in that room. Whatever the cause, the house was turned into a bookstore after World War II and no paranormal activity has been reported by the owners.

Another closely related story about Berkley square concerns a curious white-faced man with a gaping mouth whose appearance is said to have terrified two fog-bound sailors who stumbled one night into their house, which had been standing empty at the time. During the night they were first disrurbed by the sound of muffled footsteps mounting the stairs. Something entered the room they were in and when one of the sailors, in a effort to escape the horror creeping towards them, fell through the window, his partner succeded in escaping and was found in a state of collapse outside by a passing policeman. His companion's dead body was found in the garden but the policeman found no trace of the horrible thing that had terrified the two tough sailors. The sailor's partner's dead body was found impaled on the spiked railings.