Adolf Hitler's ghost has been seen since the late 1940s, in the vicinity of the Berghof. Some visitors have seen his ghost sitting in a big armchair, his head cradled in his hands, his body limp with defeat, dejection and despair.

The Berghof

It was April 30, 1945, and Berlin, the capital of Adolf Hitler's tottering Third Reich, was a shattered, flaming inferno. Tanks and troops of Soviet General Vasily Chuikov's Eighth Guards army had fought to within a few blocks of the Reich Chancellery.

The end was clearly at hand. Some time after lunch that day, Hitler and his wife of one day, Eva Braun, retired to their suite in the Fuehrer's underground bunker to take their lives. Hitler left instructions that both their bodies be burned. Seven days later Germany surrendered and the war was over.

According to Strauss a local historian, Hitler's ghost has been seen from the 1940s to the present, in the vicinity of the Berghof. This is where Hitler spent most of his time while at the peak of his power. Toward the end of the war while looking out the Berghof's big picture window, Hitler told German leaders: "It is here where Germany will find me for a thousand years." At the end of the war, Allied bombers pulverized the stronghold.

If you look carefully in the shadows of the linden trees and the shattered remains of the Berghof, you can see his spirit wandering aimlessly throughout the ruins," says Gerhardt Strauss. Some visitors have seen him sitting in a big armchair, his head cradled in his hands, his gray hair and his body limp with defeat, dejection and despair.

But there were other times when he can be seen striding purposefully through the ruins. He walks as if strongholds were still intact, waving his arms furiously and shouting loudly, as though he were still giving orders to his men. There have been numerous reports from local residents and tourists who have visited the ruins.

The director of the movie Valkyrie, Brian Singer, told the National Enquirer that he was convinced Hitler's ghost was haunting the set. There were a number of strange occurrences on the set including a runaway tank that nearly hit Tom Cruise.