At present RAF West Raynham is a modern day ghost town, having been empty for 16 years. Rumors have surfaced that the complex is haunted, in 2010 TV's Most Haunted paranormal team visited the site and found evidence of several resident ghosts.

RAF West Raynham was a Royal Air Force station located 2 miles (3.2 km) west of the village of West Raynham in Norfolk, England. It opened in the 1939 and closed in 1994. During the Second World War, Bomber Command operations carried out from RAF West Raynham during the war claimed 86 aircraft: 56 Blenheim's, 29 Mosquito's and a Beaufighter.

RAF West Raynham

The site was sold by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) in 2006, to Tamarix Investments, which plans to renovate the 170 houses at RAF West Raynham and build more homes and a hotel.

In the Officer's Mess there are reports of a ghost that date back to the 80's and 90's. The ghost is believed to be a Polish pilot, who was shot down during World War 2, his ghost has been seen in the dining room, walking towards the kitchen and through walls. The ghost is most often seen in room number 7 in the Officer's Mess this room is icy cold all year round. The ghost was seen by an American Officers wife staying at the Mess while doing laundry, the ghost past through her and then through the wall to room 7.

In the armoury there are reports of a shadowy figure being seen hanging from the rafters in the social club section of the area adjacent to the main building. This is believed to be the spirit of a mechanic who committed suicide.

The chapel is home to a particularly nasty and angry ghost, it is often described as a black shadow. The entity has been known to chase after visitors who have sneaked on to the base. It has been suggested that this is the spirit of someone who was murdered on the base.

It has been reported by ghost hunters that the bathroom in the guard's building can suddenly become very cold dropping in temperature by up to 10 degrees. The sounds of footsteps have been heard in the building.

The control room and the nearby fire station have had reports of ghosts and paranormal activity. It is said that a particularly active poltergeist is present in the control room with witnesses having objects thrown at them. Mysterious lights have been seen in the fire station at night.

It is said that the base headquarters at RAF West Raynham are the centre of a dark presence. Security guards do not visit this area alone because of the numerous sightings of a dark figure, walking the corridors.

In the sergeant's mess visitors have reported feeling the presence of a ghostly figure. A green coloured ghost has been seen in the bar area of the mess. The bar area and boiler room have both been reported as sites of paranormal activity via social networking sites.

It is widely believed that the hanger building is haunted Hanger 3, in particular, is rumored to have been the scene of a secret military experiment that may have made use of British psychics during the war.

The hospital houses a number of decontamination stages. Visitors to the building have reportedly heard screams or felt intense pain whilst visiting these areas.