The Chantry in Gloustershire, is the house that Edward Jenner owned from 1785 until his death in 1823. Now a Museum dedidcated to his work, the house has become a center for paranormal activity, witnessed by numerous people.

It was sold by his descendants in 1876. In 1885 it was sold again, to the Church of England. It then became the vicarage for Berkeley, to replace the old vicarage where Edward Jenner had been born in 1749. When the Diocese of Gloucester decided to sell The Chantry in the early 1980s it was realised that it would be the ideal home for a museum to honor Jenner and his work.

Edward Jenner Museum Ghost Photo

There have been several incidences of paranormal activity over the buildings 300 year history, with ghosts being seen, one possibly Edward Jenner himself heading into his study. Owners have reported hearing footsteps on the stairs and what sounds like the spirit of a dog running up the stairs, it's claws clattering on the wood even though the stairs are all carpeted. Outside there is a Civil War battlefield in the garden and the graves of Anglo Saxon nuns are also on the property.

Edward Jenner Museum Ghost Photo (Close Up)

A photograph has captured the ghostly image of a man sitting on a chair in the attic of the Edward Jenner Museum, in Berkeley. The picture was taken by BBC photographer Chris Sandys who was gathering images for a story on the museum's new Ghosts in the Attic exhibition. TV's Most Haunted show's organisers contacted The Edward Jenner Museum after seeing the Photograph and has carried out an investigation of the property.