Hi Guys, can you tell me whether there are any clippers sailing the seas today? Reason I ask is that on the 14th February I think I saw a ghost ship off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa, and i'm wondering if it was The Flying Dutchman.

I was on Milnerton Beach, just to the north of Cape Town, and saw a sailing ship exiting the harbour in the thick fog and following the normal channel that other ships follow on their way out the harbour, but with it's sails still rolled up (so I was thinking it was a motorized vessel or a ghost ship).

Ghost Ship Photo, Milnerton Beach

When I looked up the only ghost ship I know of around here, "The Flying Dutchman" I saw that it was a clipper, and looking at the pix I found of clippers, the ship I saw, and took picture of, looked very much like a clipper. Anyway, yeah, it's probably a bit far-fetched, but I'll attach you some of the pictures. They were taken at 5 mega pixels, but I'll resized them to 800x600. Sure looks like a clipper to me, but it was probably a motorized replica.

Ghost Ship Photo, Milnerton Beach

Smitty PS: They do say that if you've seen the Flying Dutchman, you're gonna die a violent death. Well I'm still alive (tongue in cheek) but I am a biker so there's still a chance to go that way. Anyway, you gotta die of something.

Photos sent in by Maans Smit