This ghost photo with a spooky disembodied head was taken at Hull's aquarium 'The Deep' by 21 year old Emma Place. The picture was taken on her mobile phone but it was Emma's boyfriend who first spotted the disembodied head in the photo.

Although Emma's dad Alan, 48, was stood next to her in the glass tunnel, she insists he looks nothing like the man in the photo. Emma has said "that there was some speculation of the face being a reflection of my Dad, I can assure you that this face looks nothing like my Dad. It has also caused many speculation about the face being paranormal. 'The Deep' had a parapsychologist to investigate this further and he suggested that the face was a 'thought form'.

Hull Aquarium Ghost Photo

Bosses at 'The Deep' have spent hours searching CC TV footage, which confirmed the pair were the only ones inside the tunnel. The aquarium staff have even tried to recreate conditions in the tunnel where the reflection could appear, but with no success.

The aquarium on the banks of the Humber estuary was built on the site of an isolation hospital, where smallpox victims were held. Looking at the history of the location of 'The Deep', and see that in the immediate vicinity once stood the Blockhouse, a location with a ghastly history of torture and in many cases death. One local story revolves around a man who escaped the Blockhouse and caught his neck on the iron bars of his cell. He was fatally wounded bleeding profusely, he managed to make a short way along the River Hull, before dying on the banks! Several eyewitnesses came forward in the 70's and 80's stating they had seen and heard him running along the banks of the river! If the Deep was built on the spot of the building in which he met his death, could he have returned?

A night watchman claims to have also spotted a shadowy figure in the Time line area, which charts the history of the world's oceans.