Rathmullan Priory was founded in 1516 for the Carmelite Order by Owen Roe MacSweeney and dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. It was to be an important Carmelite House and a beacon of religious piety for the north west of Ireland.

It was still in use in 1595 when we have record of the English leader George Bingham attacking this sacred place. He stole the treasured Communion Plate as well as other holy relics. After the Carmelites were kicked out, the Protestant Bishop Knox took over the Priory and started to renovated part of it to use as a private residence.

Rathmullan Priory Ghost Photo

The present structure is in a ruined state, heavily covered in vines. The Priory lies in the heart of the village and is visited by hundreds of tourists each year. This photograph was sent in by Jenny taken on her Sony Ericsson W890i mobile phone. Jenny told us that she had not seen anything there when she had taken the photo and only noticed the ghostly image when she was reviewing the pictures later.

Rathmullan Priory Ghost Photo Enlarged

We have used the original photo and included an enlarged version to show the ghostly image in higher detail.


Photos submitted by Jenny

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