This picture was taken with infrared film during an investigation at the Toys R Us store in Sunnyvale, California. The man seen leaning against the wall at the rear of the picture was not visible and did not appear in normal photos taken at the same time.

A local newspaper article tells the tale: "The children have left, and the din has subsided. Another hard day of shopping is history at the Sunnyvale, California, branch of Toys R Us. Yet there might be activity inside the vast, silent emporium this midnight, none of which has to do with the straightforward business of retailing".

Toys R Us Ghost Photo

Inside, it is said, that toys will topple from their shelves. A skateboard rolls down an aisle, banking aimlessly into walls. But nobody is in this Toys R Us at midnight, at least no one alive.

There are stories of objects flying 20 feet through the air and hitting employees. Shelves left neat in a locked store have been found in disarray the next morning. There is also a talking doll that cried mama over and over, but would only do so when put in a locked box. The incidents were taken seriously enough that management let a local psychic visit the store.

In the heart of high-tech Silicon Valley, could there really be such a thing as a haunted retail store? In the past few years, store management has tried to get to the bottom of several curious developments.