Claire Hendley was visiting Alton Towers in 2008. Claire took plenty of photographs of the historic mansion, but it was only when she returned home and viewed her photographs, that Claire noticed something strange in one of the images she had captured.

The Alton Towers Ghost Photo

Claire recalls, "We entered the Music Room and I decided to take a random photograph. Given that there were quite a few people surrounding the historian, I lifted the camera into the air, so to avoid their heads. At that moment in time there was nothing to suggest that there was anything unusual over in the left hand side of the room. As far as I was concerned there were only bare stone walls around us. It was only the following morning upon viewing the shots when I spotted something that stood out on an otherwise dark photo."

The Alton Towers Ghost Photo Enlarged

The Photograph seems to show a ghostly figure dressed in a vivid red robe or cape. Claire explains, "My initial reaction was that of intrigue and excitement because I was sure that nobody in the group of visitors looked like that, nor were there any employees around and dressed up for the occasion. The more I zoomed into the photo, the clearer this vision became of a ghostly looking and very tall apparition of a man dressed in attire from a different period, possibly 18th/19th century. Could it be one of the Earls of Shrewsbury?"

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