A family from Prague in the Czech Republic were disturbed for weeks by paranormal activity, such as small fires and cracked window panes. Experts have not been able to come up with any explanations for the phenomenon so far.

The Mracek family, say that they have to extinguish several small fires everyday, on one occasion though 60 small fires mysteriously started of their own accord. Electrical sockets have been disconnected from electricity supply to rule them out as the cause of the fires. Window panes, electric bulbs and thermometers are cracking in the house and the water in the aquarium started boiling all of a sudden killing the fish inside. 

The family cannot sleep calmly in the night over the mysterious phenomena. "We are just waiting for the fires to start burning again. Our son has moved to his grandma, but we must stay here to be able to extinguish the fires. It is our house, we built it ourselves and everything was fine for ten years. We cannot let it burn down," Hana Mrackova told the press.

A geophysicist took measurements in the house and its surroundings on Sunday with the aim to detect some types of radiation that might provoke the paranormal events. However, he could not come up with any explanation for their cause.

The Electricity supplier has also tried to solve the problem but its inspectors did not find anything abnormal in the house. The Czech Telecommunication Office is now going to send an engineer out to monitor "high-frequency waves" in the building.

The local Mayor Jiri Hahner is concerned about the paranormal phenomena in the house. "We do not want to fall for occultism we will try to explain it in a scientific way" He said the family suffers psychologically and if the situation does not improve within three week, the municipality will offer them alternative housing since it is dangerous to live in the house, he added. "Its demolition is naturally a radical solution, but it is still their house, they do not want to give it up," Hahner told the press.