My family and I live in a terraced house on a row that were once the home's of miners. I believe very much in the paranormal, but my family do not. I have experienced numerous paranormal phenomena in the house, that goes on to this day.

When we moved in to the property I heard lots of stories about our house and its past, these included people dying in it. When we moved in I was keen to listen out for any strange noises or goings on.

The first time anything happened was when I was home alone one night at around 12 am. I got up from the living room to make a drink and as I stood up I got this over riding feeling that somebody was pushing on my shoulders, not enough to push me back down but enough to feel the force and my whole body went cold.

I turned around as it felt like somebody was behind me but when I looked, nobody was there. I carried on as normal without saying anything to any of my family. After this I always got the sense someone was watching me and heard banging, tapping/clicking and scratching sounds from around the house, but always when I was alone.

The next time anything happened was in my room, where even when we first moved in I just had a creepy feeling about. I was laid in bed, and I could have sworn that I saw something move, like a mass or something, at the side of my bed where I was laid, in the corner of my eye but I passed it off as the light was off and I just thought it was my imagination. When I turned over to try and ignore it I felt a sudden breeze and shudder down my back, then at the side of my bed I saw something, it make me jump so much I shut my eyes, which I wish I didn't to this day because maybe I would have seen what it was.

When I did open my eyes, my posters, and dream catcher were moving and swinging as if someone had run past them. My window was closed completely and there was no explanation to where this wind had come from.

I constantly to this day still feel like somebody is watching me and hearing sounds and only around 8 hours ago I heard clicking from the kitchen so I went to look, couldn't see anything and I looked under the cellar door and the light was on, which I'd personally turned off earlier myself. I'm just waiting for something to happen to someone else in my family now so they can understand what I mean and take me seriously for once because they just laugh it off most of the time because they don't really believe.

Story sent in by Grace Mortman