It the spring of 1978 an English girl, identified only as Miss A by the Society of Psychical Research, and several of her friends decided to make their way through a local graveyard. The group of teenagers trampled graves and toppled headstones.

Only Miss A and her family were to pay the price for their disrespectful behaviour. Several nights later, Miss A awoke to see the apparition of an old woman sitting in a chair near her bed. The spirit was not transparent, and Miss A did not sense any harm from it. When she awoke in the clear light of day she wrote off the experience as a dream.

For several weeks following, Miss A repeatedly saw the ghost of the old woman sometimes in broad daylight. It would follow Miss A from room to room, hovering less than a foot above the floor. At times it watched Miss A's every move, following her, and would freeze in place whenever she turned to confront it. Soon the encounters became more threatening. While making tea one day, she felt an unseen force grab the tea kettle filled with boiling water, and twist it in her hands. Miss A felt that the entity was trying to scald her.

Finally, Miss A told her mother of these bizarre experiences. Mrs A did not believe her at first until she too saw the old woman drift across the downstairs hall and disappear into a room. When she investigated the room there was no trace of the old woman. On one occasion it wrenched the vacuum cleaner from Mrs. A's hands. It would sometimes push or pull against doors that family members were trying to open or close. Miss A's father the most diehard sceptic of the group was finally persuaded when loud rapping noises awakened the entire household, and later when he could not explain water incessantly dripping from the kitchen ceiling. When a plumber was called he could find no leak.

The poltergeist activity escalated. Loud banging, unexplained snoring sounds, objects moved about. Then, it seemed, the entity attempted to make its identity known. Miss A was sitting with her father one day when she suddenly fell into a trance. She began to speak of another life as the daughter of a French doctor in the 1800s. After this incident, Miss A's behaviour changed noticeably and she appeared to develop psychic powers she could bend the tines of a fork just by brushing them with her fingers. Doctors and other investigators could find no rational explanation for what was happening to the A family. But they could endure no more. Miss A and her family moved out of their home after 11 years.

But the ghost was to give Miss A one last life-threatening scare. Out of a nagging curiosity, Miss A returned to the empty house, she found the back door broken and open and she went in. She picked up the telephone to see if it was working as she cradled the receiver something grabbed her by the throat. She felt icy, unseen fingers had grabbing her by the neck choking her. Terrified, she managed to pull herself away and ran out the front door, she never returned.