I lived in a Georgian flat from August 1995 to November 2003. I thought the place was a little gloomy and my girlfriend always made little cracks about the place being haunted. I thought she was joking around but that all changed a few years later.

One night in 2000, at around 3.30 am I suddenly awoke and there was a deafening silence, a prickly kind of atmosphere where feeling uncomfortable is a gross understatement. I was lying on the floor on my side as I had a bad back so at some point during the night I must have tossed and turned. I don't know why but I felt as if there was someone behind me and that whoever/whatever it was, it was very tall and thin and surrounded by a thin, hazy darkness. All of a sudden I heard the pages of a book being turned and then a deep sigh of disappointment and annoyance.

I was pretty much terrified and there was no way I was going to turn around to see what it was!!Then I felt the 'presence' crush me with such force that I couldn't move. The only part of me that could move were my eyeballs and they were moving around frantically wondering how I could get out of this paralysis or away from the force. After about thirteen seconds of this the weight lifted and the sash cord window shuddered violently and I felt an immense sense of relief. I was not dreaming, this really happened.

Another time, at the same property, I was awoken by the sound of children laughing in my kitchen and their footsteps pattering on the linoleum. It stopped about two seconds after I awoke and I got a very eerie sense that the spirits/ghosts knew I was awake.