I've had various paranormal encounters of which my parents always laugh & tell me its my imagination. These past few months I have on a regular basis been woken from a deep sleep in the early hours of the morning by a ghost like figure by my bed.

Just 2 nights ago I awoke from my sleep to hear what seemed like people talking by my bed & I actually screamed out 3/4 times in fear. I was so scared I froze solid for about 10 mins with my heart beating out through my chest. As I calmed down I realised the voices had stopped I swictched on the light and there was no one there. I've tried to come up with reasonable explanations for this but nothing seems feasible. 

I also beleive that my fiancee's house is haunted! He lives alone in a very old country school / school-house. I feel uneasy everytime i walk into it, I dont know why, because nothing has really ever happened to me there, but I refuse to be there on my own. When I am alone, I always get the feeling there is someone watching me!

I've heard noises at night like someone walking up & down the hallway - which could be explained as creaky floorboards and central heating? The central heating is always on because the house is always freezing. My fiance lived in this house with his family as a child, when he saw that it was on the market he had to have it. He had been back in the house for 4 months, when he got up in the middle of the night to go to bathroom in the dark, only to hear a mans voice say " you're back , I knew you'd be back!".

His sister was going up stairs one sunny afternoon only to be greeted by a womans voice saying hello, ( No one else was in the house) she rarely ever visits now. The living room has a cold spot, which on a few occasions when i have been sitting in this room, i have seen an unexplainable haze around this area.

I dont know if i attract this type of activity or if someone can explain what is happening?