When my mum was a teenager she lived in a ground floor flat with my grandparents. Below their flat was a basement flat belonging to a young couple with a new baby. The basement flat had a small enclosed yard below the street level.

My grandparent's kitchen looked out over the yard, and the yard had no entrance except through the basement flat. One night at 3am my mum and grandparents were woken by a loud distressed dog howling, which was coming from the yard. Mum had her own little dogs sleeping on her bed, but unusually for them they didn't even stir at the sound of another dog. 

My grandad opened the kitchen window to look out, as he did so the howling stopped. The next day the basement couple said they had heard nothing, and the baby had not woken up.

The following night exactly the same happened, at 3am. On the third night it was my grandmother who opened the kitchen window. As she did so the howling became a vicious snarling right in front of her face, like an attack, terrified and very shaken she slammed the window shut and it stopped.

That morning the family had some were given some bad news. For the past three nights at 3am, my grandmothers father (my great-grandfather) had had a heart attack. On the 3rd night he had passed away. This story has been told to me by my mum, who heard the howling, and all three family members saw and heard the same things. My grandmother's family came from the Fens, where legends of Black Shuck (black dog) which are known to visit when a family member passes away.

Story sent in by Elin