Many years ago I was living with my girlfriend & her family in Brookhill Road, Alum Rock, Birmingham. I used to sleep in the front living room on the sofa. One summers night I was fast asleep, when I was woken suddenly by a very cold chill.

On looking round I saw the figure of a young girl, dressed in dark drab clothing walking across the living room towards the wall unit in the corner but the living room door was still closed.

My first thoughts were that it was my girlfriends young sister Louise, I called out "LOUISE" but no response, I remember looking at my watch it was 2.42am, I called out her name again but still no response i said "what are you doing downstairs its the middle of the night" by this time the figure was standing facing the wall unit.

It was at this point that I realised it wasn't Louise. I immediately started to panic & pulled the curtains open to let more light in from the street lamp outside, just as then the figure slowly faded away.

Realising that i had just seen a ghost & being in a state of panic I ran upstairs & stayed on the landing until 6am. My girlfriend's brother Michael got up for work, and when he saw me he said instantly "You,ve seen her as well, haven't you?".

It later emerged that Michael had seen the spirit on several occasions but had never mentioned it because he was worried it would frighten my girlfriend & Louise.

This is a true account of what I saw in the early hours of that morning. A figure so lifelike that i thought it was Louise.

Story sent in by Rob