My first experience of the paranormal was when I was 9 years old. Whenever I stayed over at my grandparent's house I would often be woken up in the middle of the night by strange noises, the noises didn't seem to come from any particular place.

I should point out at this time Nan and granddad's home was a bungalow. The property has two bedrooms, a large kitchen diner, a large living room and a decent sized bathroom as Nan was partially disabled. I slept in the spare room at the back of the property. After a couple of restless nights sleep I decided that when it happened again I would investigate the strange noises. The best description I can give is that it was a wheezing and chirpy type of noise.

I woke up suddenly it was dark I checked my clock it was about 2am I looked out the window it was still dark, the weather was calm with no sudden gusts of winds. I got out of bed and quietly tip-toed out of my room. I stopped when I heard a noise it seemed to whistle throughout the house. I checked to see if it was coming from Nan or granddads room but they were sleeping like logs, dead to the world.

I carried on into the living room where I saw a black shadowy lump lying in front of the electric fire place. The blackness seemed to move up and down, as if it was breathing. Suddenly it was moving, it took the form of a large black dog. The dog did not seem to take any notice of me; it walked straight past me and into my room.

The phantom dog scared me so much I buried my head under the pillow cushions on the sofa and slept there till the morning. When I awoke and peered out from the cushions Nan was sitting in her usual chair. It was still early morning about 6:30 am or so, Nan looked over at me and told me it was too early for me to be up. I tried to explain to her what had happened but she smacked me across the face and told me never to talk such rubbish again.

When I went back to my room I found my bed had a large imprint on it where something had obviously been sitting or lying down. The next evening I felt as though I was being watched. I was taking a bath and whilst I was under the water, completely submerged I opened my eyes and saw someone looking down at me from the ceiling above. I rose out from under the water, rubbed my eyes and then looked again, there was nothing there.

That night in bed, I felt something pulling at the bottom sheets. I peered down to the bottom of the bed and there sat at the foot of the bed was the very same big black dog. I tried to cover myself and keep a hold of my bed sheets I was shouting. Nan came into the room and grabbed me, which scared me even more. She pulled the covers from over my face and told me I was dreaming, and to go to sleep and stop being silly. I told her again that something was trying to get to me, she denied this again and slapped me across the face and told me to shut up.

The next morning when I got up I wandered into the living room Nan was there, the whole room had been turned upside down. Nan glared at me and told me it was all my fault, she smacked the back of my head then told me to pick up the telephone and give it to her. Nan called my mum and dad and told them I had caused so much chaos and trouble in her home that I wasn't welcome anymore.

Dad came to pick me up, he saw the mess on the floor in the living room and all of the furniture was up ended, he turned to Nan(his mother), and told her that it was completely impossible for me to have made all of this mess.

After dad spoke to her we went back home, dad didn't say anything on the way home. When we did get home mum asked me what I had done, I told them I hadn't done anything. I also told them about the big black dog I kept on seeing but as like Nan neither my mum nor dad believed me. That night I went to bed in my own room and felt safe.

The next morning I washed and dressed and went downstairs to find dad on the phone talking to my Nan. Once he had finished he replaced the receiver and then stared at me with bemusement, he asked me to describe exactly what I had seen when I was staying there. I told him it was no point explaining that he would not believe me. Dad promised me he would listen this time.

Mum and Dad both sat and listened to me as I told them about the black dog, after I had finished Dad put his arms around me and told me that last night Nan was woken up by the sounds of a dog barking and snarling coming from the lounge. Nan had got up and went into the lounge to investigate the noises, where she was bitten, yet there did not appear to be anything in the room with her at the time. The doctor had been to see Nan and clean up her leg which was badly bitten.

We all went over to see her even though the doctor had cleaned up the wound and the bleeding had stopped. Each tooth mark was clearly recognizable on Nan's leg.

My next paranormal encounter was when I was 17 at college in Cambridge England. Whilst at college I began to get a real strong feeling towards becoming a spiritual/psychic medium. I found out about a group of people doing paranormal investigations that were based at college. I got in touch with them, Michael invited me to one of there meetings the following evening. When I arrived I noticed everyone looking at me and whispering into each others ears. Feeling self conscious I approached one of them and asked what the problem was. The person another young lad called Jamie said that when you came into the room everyone noticed your oric field glowing around you brightly (apparently this wasn't normal). I was welcomed into the group and invited to attend their next investigation.

The paranormal investigation took place at Ida Darwin Mental Institution in Fulbourn just out of Cambridge. Something came over me that I could not explain and I started to call out different people's names, dates and times and their reasons for being there. The rest of the group around me were amazed, I was too but something strange was happening to me at the same time, as I reeled off the different names I felt myself sinking down to the ground.

Once I had recovered and composed myself we all entered the building and turned out the lights. There were 16 of us in all we split up into groups of 4. Michael and I were the two mediums. Michael had been a spiritualist medium for about 10 years and was very good, he was impressed by my actions earlier in the evening and we both came out with some interesting facts about the place.

When I got home later that evening I noticed that my neighbour was standing outside in the freezing night air and shouting up at one of her front windows. I cautiously approached her and asked what was wrong, she told me that whilst in the bath she noticed the ghostly figure of a man stood close to her he was groaning and grumbling about something. It had scared her so much that she had leapt out of the bath tub, put her dressing gown on and flew out of the front door. She claimed that the spirit she saw was standing in the window to one of the front bedrooms, hers to be exact.

I said that I would go in and check things out. On entering the house I instantly felt an uneasy presence surrounding me, it felt cold and demonic and full of unrest. I ventured upstairs I could feel something pulling at my ankles as if to try and stop me going upstairs but still I carried on. I got to the landing and entered in the bathroom sat on the toilet was this old grey haired man. He was sat about 3 feet away from me, he didn't look at me but yet he smiled then he groaned I'm sorry, the light bulb then blew it sounded as though the actual bulb shattered and I was standing in the dark with an old man sat on the loo.

When I turned on the light in the landing I couldn't see the old man anymore but I did notice that the light bulb in the bathroom was still intact. I switched the light back on and it worked the bulb hadn't blown after all. I went back downstairs and opened the door. I let the owner back in and asked her if she had an old man living with her. She looked puzzled at first then asked me what he looked like.

I told her he wore burgundy coloured slippers and pyjamas, and a dark blue velvet dressing robe. His hair was silvery grey and his skin was heavily wrinkled. The lady sat down on the stairs and told me that I had just described her father to a tee. He had just died two day earlier, my heart felt sorry for her loss and told her that things would be ok. During the preceding months I lived next door to the lady I would often hear her say out loud things like; "Not now dad I'm busy".

Several months passed and the late night one sided conversations continued, they seemed however to be getting louder. I decided to go next door to see the lady and see if I could help in any way. I knocked and waited for a while but there was no answer. I assumed she had gone out so went back home. The next day I heard her voice call out again, and decided that I would go around and check to make sure she was ok. I knocked on the door and a man opened the door with a black suit on and wearing a single rose on his jacket. I asked if my neighbour was in. The man told me that she was being buried today. The neighbour had died some 3 weeks ago. I gave my apologies' and went back home. I did not here anything from next door after that.