My name is Rebecca I am 15 years old and my story dates back to when I was 3. I am writing in to share my experience and wondered if any-think like this had happened to any of your readers?

When I was three years old my mum, my dad and myself went out for the day to Berry Pomeroy Castle in Devon. We arrived half an hour before the tour of the castle was due to start, so we went into the coffee house, which is in the castle grounds. If I remember correctly there were some square tables and we sitting about the forth table from the door. My mum and dad was sitting at the table and I was there next to them in my pram.

A couple of minutes after we sat down the guard dog from outside ran in and hide under my dads chair with all its hairs standing up on end, my parents didn't think any think of it until my mum realised that i was talking away to myself. she turned to me and asked me who i was talking to. I then raised my arm and was pointing upwards, I then said "the lady" my dad quickly said "what lady" and I replied "that lady, that lady right there". My mum and dad looked at each other and told me that no one was there.

When we finally went into the castle we had a guide that told everyone there that the castle was haunted by a fair few ghosts and that the coffee house also was by a lady. This was when my parents realised that this was the lady that I had spoken too. So far I have not returned to Berry Pomeroy, but for the past 2 years I have been trying t find out who his lady was but so far I haven't been successful. If somebody knows which on of the female ghosts that haunts the coffee house or that part of the castle please contact me via, thank you so much for reading my story.

Sent in by Rebecca Starling

On the19/8/2007 my boyfriend and I along with a mate and her boyfriend thought we would visit Berry Pomroy Castle its close to where we live. It was still daylight when we entered the castle, we went inside and had a look around to get a feel of the castle. As soon as I entered the Castle I had the funniest taste in my mouth it tasted like brick dust or stone dust and I had all the time a was there. By the timed we'd explored the Castle and it's grounds it had started to get dark.

My boyfriend thought it would be fun to go into the castle in the pitch black without a torch. He went in and sat in the dungeon for several seconds before he started to get very very cold and so ran back out into the open Castle grounds, where we were sat, I was sat up on the wall he came up to me and he was stone cold. We then became aware of something in the top middle window of the castle. My mate got up from where she was sat and ran over to me and my bf then her boyfriend ran after her we all sat on the wall looking at the window we could see a little light in the window and could hear wired noises.

We started to get very scared and shook up and it seemed like something or someone wanted us to leave so we all jumped down from the wall and ran up the path leading out. I have never seen my boyfriend and his mate so scared. We got to the second gate got passed it and we all stopped running and we felt safe there.

We would go back there but not just yet, perhaps during the day but the whole place feels a lot different in the dark.

Sent in by Lisa

My husband, cousin and her husband visited Berry Pomroy Castle in February some years ago. We had been to the Castle before during opening hours but this time we decided it might be fun to visit the Castle late at night. After several minutes of being inside the Castle grounds we became aware of figures in and around the grounds and inside the castle walls, the surrounding area felt very strange hard to describe but the atmosphere felt electric. There were moans and something kept telling us to go away. We were terrified and left the area very quickly.

The next day during the afternoon we decided to go back to the castle to see if it was possible that anyone could have got inside the castle walls, possibly by climbing up the walls of the castle but we could not see any other way of getting in other than through the arched doorway.

When we arrived at the track to drive out of the castle the gate was closed and I got out of the car to hold it open whilst my husband and relations remained in the car, after he drove through the gate, there was another old fashioned car behind with a old lady driving it, so I held the gate open for her to drive through. she drove through the gate and nodded to me as she drove by I closed the gate got back in the car. I said to my family look at that old car behind us, when we turned round the car had disappeared. It could not have passed by us, and it could not have gone back through the gate.

Has anyone else seen this old lady and car? The old lady was wearing a large hat with a scarf over it fastened round her neck. The car was a very old open top and brown and cream in colour.

Sent in by Gill Rowley

UFO sighting at Berry Pomeroy Castle

I have had a ufo experience at berry pomeroy castle. It was about 14 years ago now, a group of us went out to the castle late at night when the castle was closed. Being a little bit naughty we were going to climb the wall to see if we could see the white lady. It was a perfectly still and quiet night. As two of my friends started to look for ways into the castle, I started to have a bad feeling about it.

Then the huge trees just outside of the castle started creaking, we couldnt work out why as there was still no wind or reason for them to creak, we then noticed an orange/red ball in the distance coming down and along over the trees, it was getting close and coming straight for us.

We all got a little scared and ran to the car which was parked near the castle and drove at 40 mph in first gear as I was that terrified, the ball was still in the rear view mirror. As we got out onto the main road we looked back and the globe had gone. It was definately not ball lightening or any other commonly mistaken object as this was very real, very large and coming for us.

Sent in by Harvey Colven