We have had lots of ghosts and paranormal activity happening in our house over the years, I will tell you about the encounters that I have had and seen. The reason I'm writing this is because their is a ghost in my house at present.

The first was when my mom couldn't sleep, she went into our living room and started to look at her new digital camera. She turned it on and suddenly had a strange feeling, as if a presence was nearby so she took a photo of the living room and then quickly went out.

The next day she put the photo on the computer to take a closer look and on the picture was a large mist covering the room. Many things have happened in our house, lots of small paranormal things.

One of the last things that happened in 2005 was when I went into the kitchen to make a cup of tea. Everything seemed normal, but when I opened the fridge I heard a sound to my right. It sounded like someone had been stabbed or shot, after this I felt a strange presence so I quickly made the tea and went upstairs. I told my mom and about 30 minutes later we slowly went down the stairs, suddenly my mom jumped and ran back up the stairs and said she saw something run past the fridge and into the living room. But what made me worried is that I'd seen a giant flash in the top right corner of the room.

The reason I'm writing this is because their is a ghost in my house at present. Last night I went to take a cup downstairs, but when I made it half way down I felt like something really didnt want me there. I left the cup and noticed that my dog was growling at the door from the outside of the house leading into the kitchen. About 30 minutes later he stopped barking and growling so I went downstairs. I felt like I was being watched by an evil presence of a man. Today I found out that I was right