When my daughter was 14 we started hearing footsteps late at night in our house. One night I awoke on the sofa to the sound of footsteps, starting at our front door, moving into the living room and right up to the sofa and just stopped.

Our house is about 110 years old and it has been in our family since it was built. We had so many wierd things happen in the house that it did not scare me, I just thought "oh no, I just want to go to sleep". I was about to go back to sleep, when the same thing started again. I just turned over and went to sleep. My daughter was more afraid of what was going on than I was. She would hear tappings on her bed or her windows. One night she could feel the weight of someone sitting on the edge of her bed.

Both of my kids have heard a man and women talking softly in German late at night. My husband was awoken one night by something tickling his hand that hung over the bed, and one night something pulled the bed covers off. When my father in-law lived here he told me this house was haunted by a man. My kids have both heard the footsteps, but we have not heard anything for about 2 years now .