I have seen ghosts in my bedroom, they are usually preceded by a sudden drop in temperature, enough to make you shiver, and the hairs stand up on my arms and neck, my pulse races, and I feel like I want to be sick.

With my first encounter I sensed something and pulled the covers over my face. I felt the side of my bed compress as if somebody was sitting on it, this was in the early hours of about 2-3am. I looked out from under my duvet but could not see anybody, but what I could see was the neat depression mark of a rear behind, like as if somebody was sitting there. After a few minutes the depression disappeared.

On the second occasion, I was laying in bed when I started to sense a temperature drop, then I noticed the hairs on my arms starting to raise. I opened my eyes and looked around my room, it seemed to be ok nothing out of place. Suddenly a face came towering over the side of the bed, as if they were was bending down. It was a broad face, I looked at him he looked at me.

Then it was gone, but a few moments later a tall dim light appeared , and in this vertical 2 foot wide dim light an image appeared of a man in RAF uniform, with a black Labrador sitting smartly beside him, it was the same man who had been looking at me in bed.

I was working away once, and was renting a room in a shared house, my gf was staying with me. In the early hours of the morning, a strange image appeared on the ceiling, it was white, and was shaped like a lady in a long dress, I got up tuned the light on then turned it off, it was still there. I got up and checked the curtains to make sure that it was not any light from outside, it stayed there until about 4 am then it just vanished?

In our new house, we felt have also felt a presence in the bedroom, not a good feeling. I have seen a dark stocky shape. We have heard my partners daughter chatting away to somebody in her room.
There have been many occasions where her dolls would be thrown about or moved or missing from her room? to suddenly re appear.