When I was about 12 years old my family moved into a very old house and we had the ground floor flat. Shortly after we moved in I was in the kitchen and a young girl came in, she was very dirty and her long dress was torn.

She looked very upset, who are you I asked, I think I thought that she was from the upstairs flat as I knew that they had children. "I am looking for my father" she replied. She looked strange, I could not explain it but I felt a bit threatened, she looked at me very coldly and suddenly she shouted  "who are you?". I said I had just moved in, and then she gradually just faded away in front of me! 

I ran to find someone and my mother was just coming down the passage to the kitchen, I told her what I had seen and she said that it was very sad, a neighbour in the street had seen us moving in and told her that about 20 years ago there had been a fire in the house, starting in the kitchen and a father and daughter had died in the fire, the neighbour said that it was very sad as the father and daughter were very close, when I told my mother what I had seen she told me not to be afraid but that if I saw the girl again just say you can go now, your father is waiting, but I never saw her again. 

I do remember that we could never have a cat or dog there, after a week or so they would run away. We did not stay there long, many years later my mother said that she never saw anything but sometimes she would hear a child crying.


Story Submitted by Pamela Foster