I was working as a security officer in a disused nursing home in Blackburn, up untill that day I had never experienced anything paranormal, now my eyes have been opened. What I experienced scared me more than anything before in my life.

I am 54 years of age and have worked in the darkest secluded areas, even a hospital where Ian Brady is. I arrived for duty, the off going guard was sat in his car. Why are you not in the building I asked him. “You work here tonight and you tell me tomorrow why I am in my car” he said.

My shift started at 1900 hours and was to end at 0700 hours, during my shift on my internal patrols I experienced many things, for one I observed on my initial patrol a cabinet with purple ribbon and candles on it, which was closed. On my later patrol, around midnight it was wide open. I sensed a presence, there was a cold feeling I could see my breath in the staggered corridor lighting. I would describe hearing like a kind of loud silence hiss, if that makes any sense and experienced a faint breeze with a kind of static electricity around me.

A presence, so powerful, you could only relate to what I am saying if you have experienced this yourself. It was so powerful, it is not unpleasant but it does make you wonder what is about to happen. I heard doors bang on corridors and witnessed a white mist pass me that you could only see if you turn your eyes to look to the left, if you looked directly at it you could not see it.

During the night I saw shadows on the walls in the main lounge, in some rooms I felt very uncomfortable as though I was not permitted to enter. At 2am I heard a loud noise of a door bang. I went around the perimeter of the building looking for forced entry but found nothing. When I got back to the reception I saw an intruder alarm led light flashing on the room I had previously felt uncomfortable entering.

I proceeded with caution and felt a cold breeze as I got nearer to the room I saw the white lace curtains blowing in ward on the corridor. I immediately alerted my control and the police of a suspected break in. The area was surrounded with council houses and is known to the police as a place for youths to cause vandalism etc.

The police arrived but said that they needed to get the dog handlers down. The layout of the buildings is in the shape of a cross. The dogs arrived and I accompanied the officers around the building ,several police surrounded the area, and covered every entrance as the dogs searched internally. All doors were locked, with no visible sign of any forced entry or criminal activity taking place.

The police left and I was left to feel out all the related documentation to log and report as you can imagine. This took my up until almost 6.00am, when one of the cleaners arrived.

She told me the police visit would be a waste of time, and asked me if I had not been told, “told what” I asked, she said that there were many elderly people who died here. She said as she entered the room I was uncomfortable with she had seen an old lady brushing her hair,when she said to the lady can you sit on the bed please whilst I clean your room, a head popped out of the sheets, I m in bed she.

When the cleaner looked back to the dressing table where the old lady was brushing her hair, she had vanished. It was then she was told of the story of two old ladies who were once great friends but argued and stopped speaking. One lady died and her presence has been seen many times. She told me not to worry and that no harm would come to me here.

Story Submitted by Bryan Brooks