In 1973 I stayed in a caravan on the Pegwell Bay caravan site, Ramsgate, Kent with my mum and 3 of my younger sisters. I was 14 years old at the time. After the first night there my mum became very uneasy but didn't tell us why.

On the second night my mum was sleeping in the double bed with my two younger sisters, my other sister and I were sleeping on two single beds, side by side. During the night my sister awoke suddenly and screamed it made me jump. She said something had scared her, then she jumped into the double bed with the others. I started making fun of her saying do you think the ghosties will come and get you and other pointless remarks.

My mum became very annoyed with me and told me not to mock her. With this I laughed at them all and settled back down to sleep. Suddenly the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I shivered as I heard a very manly laugh echo out from behind me. I did not imagine this and didnt really believe in ghosts or such like, however I also got into the double bed with the others.

We decided to cut our holiday short and went home the next day. It was only on the way home that my mum confided in me that on the first night in the caravan she had woken up to see an old man in a souwester standing at the bottom of the bed. I have never mocked since this event. Many people have been told this tale, some believe some don't, but 30 years on the events are still fresh in my mind.

Story sent in by Lesley