My encounter at Tamworth Castle happened about five years ago. Nothing paranormal had happened to me before, but I can now state that there is an active daytime ghost on the first floor of Tamworth Castle.

One sunday afternoon, on a visit to Tamworth castle I had sand thrown in my eyes while walking along the first floor gallery toward the haunted bedroom. I was the only person in the gallery at the time and was less than two metres from the haunted bedroom door. On my left I had just passed an open doorway. I actually went back through this doorway, (which leads to some stairs going down to some toilets on the ground floor) because I was convinced someone was there and hiding from me.

Tamworth Castle

I went down the stairs, saw the toilet doors and a doorway to a shop, I gave up the search and came back up to the gallery. I turned right at the top of the stairs to go on to the haunted bedroom and somebody or something rushed at me from behind and threw sand in my eyes again, I was blinded for about two minutes.

When my vision came back, less than ten feet in front of me was a lady museum assistant seated in the haunted bedroom. I mentioned what had happened to the member of staff and she was quite unconcerned about it, telling me that these type of incidents are quite common. The woman told me this active and angry spirit has a connection to the large execution sword displayed in the great hall.

Sent in by Paul Hirons