My dad is a vicar and all my life we have lived in houses that have had ghosts in. We used to live in a place called Wool in Dorset, I was 3 years old when we were living there, the family that lived there before us went through a lot.

There were three children, the mother, the father and the grandparents all living together in the house, and they were very happy. One day the father went out, he was only meant to be gone a few hours but he never returned, the family were very worried and called the police, a few moths later someone found his body in the Lake District. I still don't know what happened to him but after that the family moved out.

Not long after we had moved in I started seeing the ghost of a young boy at the time I believed it to be the ghost of the previous family's youngest child, even though he wasn't dead I don t know why. He used to come in to my room and sit under the window I would play with him, and every night my mum and dad would hear him running into their room and i would run after him. So that was one of my first experiences with ghosts but defiantly not the last.

Because my dad is a vicar we have always had to move around a lot, you may not have ever heard of Wool but I am sure most of you would have heard of where we lived next, Westminster Abbey. Now if you want to see a ghost I can't think of a better place than Westminster Abbey. We had at least 3 ghosts in our house there and they were all pretty scary!

The first ghost we saw there was on our first night, it was the ghost of a monk, it would then continue to appear every morning at 3 am. The ghost was that of a monk, the monk used to come into me and my brothers room and would kneel in front of my brothers bed. My dad did some research and found out that it was because thats where the monks used to pray.

One night I woke up and felt very scared I can't remember why but I got out of bed, walked along one corridor and down the steps, into the main hall. I looked around there was nothing there, but it didn't feel right. I was holding my pillow so very tight, my breathing got faster and faster, I looked around again and still there was nothing but as I turned back round, hovering above the huge staircase was a tall scary looking man with long hair and a beard he was holding something which looked like a pillow as well.

He was wearing some sort of robes they were red and brown, it stared at my and I stared at him, even though he was quite a few feet away from me it felt like his eyes where almost touching mine. The figure started moving so I screamed and ran into my parents room I jumped into their bed and wriggled under their covers, my mum woke up but didn't ask what was wrong.

Before we could fall into the safety of sleep there was suddenly a strange noise I felt my mum squeeze my hand I knew she had heard it too, we could hear something crawling and then running around the bed, it was not the same ghost, this one I think was the worst one by far it was scarier than all the rest. Neither of us actually saw it properly but it was like a dark shadow, it was small like a hobbit with big eyes and a very distorted face when i think about all i can see is blood, it's hard to describe exactly what it looked like but I have the picture in my head but when I come to write about it it's like someone doesn't want me to tell anyone!