I have experienced lots of different types of paranormal activity, from voices, breathing, screaming, touching, pushing, cold sensations and visual appearances. But the One memory that stands out in my mind, is the story I call, 'Devil Eyes'.

Five years ago, when I was 15 years of age, I was living with my parents, little sister and baby brother in a house in Penzance Cornwall. 19 Penalverne Crescent, the house had been built just before the second World War. The house to me always felt cold, bleak, dark and draining, these feelings were stronger in the left side of the house. The left side consisted of the kitchen, bathroom, stairs and most importantly, my bedroom.

One night, as most ghost stories begin... I couldn't sleep. I had my fish tank light on, and was just lying there staring at the ceiling. My hamster started chewing on its cage bars, so I got up and went down stairs and got some apple. When I returned to my bedroom, I went up to the cage and gave my hamster the apple through the bars. Just then I got a strong, ice-cold intense breeze on the bottom half of my legs. I immediately turned around to see if anything was there as it felt like something, small, like a dog ran passed me very quickly. But of course, I didn't see anything.

Feeling threatened by a presence in the room, I quickly ran to my bed and jumped in, I didn't want to get too close to the bed when standing up as it was one of those beds on legs, and I felt like if I stood next to the bed something would grab my ankle. So I just lay on my back frozen in fear, the presence was so intense I could not move.

I wanted to call for mum but, I didn't make a sound, I was afraid it would come straight for me. Feeling trapped I just lay there, and thought to myself "don't be stupid, it's just your imagination". So I began taking slow deep breaths. Then, this next part, I cannot explain.

I suddenly sat up straight, without thinking, as if possessed. I turned to my left and sat on the bed with my legs hanging over the side. I bent over and lifted the sheet that blocked the gap under the bed. Everything around me went silent, I could not hear the sound of my hamster, or the sound of my fish tank filter. I then saw, what I thought was a reflection at first, I did not feel scared, until I saw it.

The yellow, devil eyes became clear to me. I still remember the bizarre pupils of the big yellow eyes. The black pupil was moving, in a 'wavy' movement, out from the centre. It was the most terrifying ghost appearance I have ever encountered.

After staring at it for a several seconds, it suddenly growled at me, as if it were a lion and I was it's prey. I got this sudden spiky cold stabbing rush going through my entire body. It started running towards me, I pushed as hard on my legs as I possibly could, I swayed backwards, smacked my head on the wall, screamed 3 times and then completely froze solid.

I remember thinking what is it going to do now? is it going to come after me, is it going to kill me, is it going to drag me under the bed? Then my bedroom door burst open and my parents ran into the room I couldn't speak, I was still frozen. I couldn't breathe, it was so horrible. When I could finally speak I stuttered "under the bed" mum threw her legs up and curled them up as she hugged me as if she believed me, dad looked under the bed and obviously it was gone.

Too this day, my mum believes I was dreaming, but I KNOW for a FACT I was awake, and will never, forget those evil eyes till the day I die. And I fear every night, that I'll see them again, I hope to god I don't. If anyone knows what these yellow eyes mean, please, I'd like to know!


Story sent in by Sarah Claire