This is a true story. I live in a old bungalow on a farm in Essex. I have been there for about 18 months. After I moved in strange things started happening around the house, and in a way I was quite excited about it all at first.

One morning I went into my bedroom to get a cap before I went out to work on the farm. As I left the bedroom I felt a sudden cold shiver and then the door just slammed behind me. At first I thought it was a breeze but when I found all the doors and windows to be closed I realized something was not right. I rushed out to find my brother who also works on the farm and we both had a look at what had just happened. We both could not find any reason for it to do this so I just ignored it.

Later on in the week I had a friend round, we both watched a DVD and then fell asleep. I suddenly awoke to the back door opening about midnight. my friend did not wake up. I watched my dog jump up and it just stared into thin air at nothing for about 30 seconds. I then got up and went to investigate the back door, it was wide open and I could find nobody there.

Things then started getting out of hand. A few days later things started happening more often. I would hear doors slam in the middle of the night and sometimes 2 or 3 different doors throughout the night. I lived alone I knew that nobody was in the house apart from me, at this point I realised it must be a ghost. After several days of this I got used to it and sometimes would listen for it in the night.

Often things would disappear and reappear weeks later on the sofa. but then things took a turn for the worst. I was using my laptop on the sofa when suddenly a very special mirror of mine launched off the wall from behind me and landed inches away from me all smashed up. After this I would often feel as though someone was watching me in the house. On about three different occasions my bed covers were pulled off in the middle of the night and lights would be switched on. The house had a very cold feeling to it now and I didn't like it.

A few months later about three days after getting back from America the scariest thing happened. it was very early hours of the morning about 1 or 2am. I suddenly awoke with my arms and legs above me and no energy at all. It felt like someone lifting me up but I couldn't feel anything holding on to me. After about 30 seconds my arms and legs dropped. That was it! The next day I moved to my brothers. The owner of the bungalow, which was my boss then called a priest in to sort out the problems. An exorcism was done a week later. The house was now clear. I moved back in that night and ever since then the bungalow has warmed up and there are no strange happenings.


Story written by Rhys Mitchell