Your Ghost Stories

My dad is a vicar and all my life we have lived in houses that have had ghosts in. We used to live in a place called Wool in Dorset, I was 3 years old when we were living there, the family that lived there before us went through a lot.

My first experience of the paranormal was when I was 9 years old. Whenever I stayed over at my grandparent's house I would often be woken up in the middle of the night by strange noises, the noises didn't seem to come from any particular place.

When I was about 12 years old my family moved into a very old house and we had the ground floor flat. Shortly after we moved in I was in the kitchen and a young girl came in, she was very dirty and her long dress was torn.

When my mum was a teenager she lived in a ground floor flat with my grandparents. Below their flat was a basement flat belonging to a young couple with a new baby. The basement flat had a small enclosed yard below the street level.

My encounter at Tamworth Castle happened about five years ago. Nothing paranormal had happened to me before, but I can now state that there is an active daytime ghost on the first floor of Tamworth Castle.

When my daughter was 14 we started hearing footsteps late at night in our house. One night I awoke on the sofa to the sound of footsteps, starting at our front door, moving into the living room and right up to the sofa and just stopped.

We have had lots of ghosts and paranormal activity happening in our house over the years, I will tell you about the encounters that I have had and seen. The reason I'm writing this is because their is a ghost in my house at present.

When I was a little girl I use to stay at my Grandparents house. Late one evening, I heard the sound of two women arguing outside my bedroom door. I thought nothing off it as I was too young to understand, so i went back to sleep.

It was my Mother's voice, and all she said was, "keep going, twin, (her favourtie name for me and my twin brother), just keep going". I saw many things then, my home, my Mum, so many images flashing in front of my eyes.

 I have seen ghosts in my bedroom, they are usually preceded by a sudden drop in temperature, enough to make you shiver, and the hairs stand up on my arms and neck, my pulse races, and I feel like I want to be sick.

My cousin was actually the one who saw this. One morning he went up to his room, and found something unbelievable.  As he opened the door he saw what looked like a witch in the far comer of his room! He was scared to death.

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