Your Ghost Stories

Well I have a story to tell, it happened 15 years ago in Bangladesh. I was only 7 and lived in a village with my extended family. The village I live in was haunted. We were always warned not to leave the village.

I think there are about three ghosts. The first is an old lady. I saw her in my aunt's room as I was coming up the stairs, and both my Aunt and myself where in the kitchen when we heard someone coming down the stairs.

We've only be living in our current house for a short time, but the amonut of what can only be described as paranormal activity has been unbelieveable. A lot of noises can be explained but some noises just can't be explained rationally.

I have always liked the idea of ghosts, but I had never truly believed until my Dad died in early 1990. My Dad helped with the weekly bingo game at the legion. He had a heart attack and he died in the parking lot of the legion.

Two weeks before my mum's aunt died, my dad got woken up in the middle of the night by this spirit in their bedroom (my dads a very deep sleeper). My dad said that the sprit appeared in the left corner of their bedroom.

After my uncle died, my cousin and aunt said that things started to go bump in the night. One night when i had gone to stay over I heard somebody coming up the stairs, I heard the bedroom door open and looked over to the stairs to see who was there.

When I was 12 my family owned a black Labrador cross dog named Prince who was my close companion. He didn't get along with my mother, a very psychic woman, and one day bit her on the cheek. It was decided that Prince be put to sleep by the vet.

I was on the computer at home when I heard a door open downstairs, then someone walking. My cat became suspicious and went downstairs. He was crouched down low, then he disappeared around the stairs into the kitchen, out of my sight.

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