Ghost Stories

50 Berkley square's ghostly past dates back to the 1830's, when a young woman hurled herself to her death from an upstairs window.  A servant was also found in a catatonic state , paralyzed with fear, after "something horrible" in the bedroom.

The RMS Queen Mary is one of the most famous cruise ships of all time. Paranormal activity that has been reported throughout the ship include the sounds of knocking, doors slamming and high pitched squeals and drastic temperature changes.

As long as there have been stories of ghostly phenomena, there have been sightings of "Shadow People". Shadow People are defined by their featureless, shadow-like appearances and do not seem to be the spirit of something that was once human.

Catherine Eddowes was the second victim of Jack the Ripper on 30th September 1888. On the anniversary of her murder, people have occasionally seen Catherine's ghostly figure lying upon the spot where her life came to such a tragic and gruesome end.

The north side of Hanbury Street is today covered by the former Truman Brewery. At 6am on 8th September 1888, the body of Annie Chapman, Jack the Ripper's second victim, was discovered in the back yard of Number 29 by John Davis.

Epping Forest was notorious for highwaymen, robberies and murders and other sightings of ghostly horsemen and carriages are not uncommon in this area. This tale was retold by the brother of Charles Rackham:

I was working a few years ago as a Warehouseman for a major high street store, in Northampton. Warehousemen for the store, have to deal with goods deliveries, general maintenance, and locking/unlocking of the store too.

Port Arthur is one of the most paranormally active places on Earth with numerous documented ghost sightings and hauntings. One kilometre off shore is the Isle of the Dead, a convict settlement with over 2000 bodies buried in a mass grave.

If you venture out on to Westminster Bridge on December 31st, and look eastwards as midnight approaches, you may well be rewarded with a sighting of a ghost that is thought to be of one of London's most infamous criminals, Jack the Ripper.

The resort is on the North East coast, not far from the Thai border. An area ravaged by monsoons and pirates and skirted past for centuries by ocean-bound traders plying their goods between South China and what is now known as Indonesia.

Last Halloween a group of teenagers got together for a Halloween party. By the middle of the night there was a house full of people, dancing and drinking. By the morning, dismembered body parts were discovered by police in the old cemetery.

In 1938, stories of a "killer ghost" began to be told by local residents in eastern Kentucky, USA. Even though no one ever saw this malevolent apparition, it was said to have caused five very similar, horrific and unexplained deaths.

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