5 years ago I bought a 200 year old georgian house in a small village in need of a great deal of renovation. The house is very large and had been through a succession of ownerships - I thought I was lucky when the ownerrs accepted a stupidly low offer.

However, I moved in alone to carry out the worst of the renovation and my girlfriend stayed on with her parents about 70 miles away (she loved the house but claimed it had a weird atmosphere when I first bought it). Within the first week of moving in I had witnessed the ghost of an old lady sitting in the lounge in broad daylight on a sofa covered in dust sheets and been woken by loud banging in the bedroom on the wooden bed end (felt it too).

Subsequently, a few weeks later, when returning late at night and cleaning my teeth in a down stairs bathroom i turned around (in response to the hairs on the back of my neck rising) and was confronted with a man dressed in 1930's style working clothing looking as shocked to see me as i was to see him. I screamed in fright and leapt behind the door - after a few minutes I plucked up the courage to search the entire house for what, I was convinced by then, was an intruder...but found nothing - all the doors being locked and windows secured.

I've pretty much finished the renovations now and my girlfriend and young baby son are now resident - however, strange things still happen - glimpses of things out the corner of your eye, smells (rich tobacco and baking bread strong enough to wake us both up in the early hours, disembodied snatches of conversation which take you by surprise, feelings of someone else in the room, shadows across doorways and strange localised indoor "mists" witnessed by my girlfriend as well - but nothing we think is really threatening. - we have tried to eliminate all rational reasons for it but are now content to put up with it.

The point of my writing is that I was convinced by a colleague, on relating the weird happenings, that I had to go and talk to whatever it was that was also resident in the property - I did go home and have a very long and forceful chat with (essentially nothing!) whatever was there and asked for it's help in taking care of the house and my family (whilst feeling a bit stupid).

It seems to have worked - apart from the minor things i have mentioned...although my lunchtime surfing makes me think it is more along the lines of these "time slips"....but as long as it doesn't get too sinister i'm happy to live with it as the house is so perfect - good luck and i hope you can find some solutions - but watch out for the paranoia - it can make it worse than it really is - i'm sure there is something to this kind of thing but not sure we should play around with it too much...keep it rational!

Story sent in by Tony Lovelee