• 1863 Borley Rectory constructed by Rev HDE Bull, Rector of Borley.
  • 1875-6 Borley Rectory is extended as the Bull family increases in size.
  • 1881 Harry Price born 17th January.
  • 1892 Henry Bull dies, succeeded by Harry F Bull.


  • 1900 The four Bull sisters see the Borley Nun (28th July) and witness other phenomena.
  • 1911 Rev. Bull marries and moves to Borley Place, Bull sisters remain in Borley Rectory.
  • 1920 Rev. Bull moves back to Borley Rectory.
  • 1920 Harry Price joins the Society for Psychical Research.
  • 1926 Price forms the University of London Council for Psychical Investigation.
  • 1927 Harry Bull dies 9th June, Borley Rectory empty.
  • 1928 Rev. GE Smith moves to Borley Rectory and takes up residence in October.
  • 1929 Rev. Smith contacts Daily Mirror in June and is visited by reported Mr. VC Wall.
  • 1929 First press report, 10th June.
  • 1929 Price, accompanied by Miss Kaye, visits Borley Rectory for first time 12th June. Various phenominina experienced.
  • 1929 Price and others visit Borley Rectory, again unusual phenomena experienced, 27 June.
  • 1929 Price, Miss Kaye and Lord Charles Hope visit Borley Rectory with yet more phenomena reported, 5th July.
  • 1929 the Smiths leave Borley Rectory, 14th July.
  • 1929 Price, Miss Kaye and reporter Charles Sutton visit around 25th July.
  • 1929 Lord Hope, Miss Kaye and others visit, Price absent due to illness, 28/29th July.


  • 1930 Smiths leave Borley Rectory and move to Norfolk.
  • 1930 Price interviews witnesses in area, June.
  • 1930 Rev LA Foyster with wife Marianne and 2 year old child Adelaide move into Borley Rectory, 16th October.
  • 1930-1 Rev. Foyster keeps a record of all experienced phenomena in Borley Rectory.
  • 1931 Sir George Whitehouse visit Boreley Rectory and form the view that Marianne is responsible for the phenomena.
  • 1931 Bull sisters ask Price to visit Borley Rectory again, 29th September.
  • 1931 Rev Foyster invites Price to visit Borley Rectory, 1st October.
  • 1931 Price, Mrs. Goldney and others visit. Price suspects Marianne of deception and leaves on bad terms with Foysters.
  • 1932 Price mentions in a letter to Rev. Smith that he would like to visit Borley Rectory but the Foysters will not agree.
  • 1932 Price visits Borley Rectory, reason unknown, April - November.
  • 1935 Price states his views in a letter to Everard Fielding, saying "Five years ago the place was literally alive with something."
  • 1935 Price makes a B.B.C. broadcast about Borley Rectory.
  • 1935 Foyster leave Borley, the Rectory is unoccupied, October.
  • 1936 Confessions of a Ghost Hunter published, February.
  • 1936 Rev. A. C. Henning new rector of Borley resides at Liston.
  • 1936 Mr. Guy L'Estrange makes a BBC broadcast about Borley Rectory, December.
  • 1937 Price rents Borley Rectory for one year, he enrols 48 others to help investigate Borley phenomena.
  • 1937 H Glanville assists Price in supervision of investigation.
  • 1937 Price makes a BBC broadcast about Borley Rectory.
  • 1937-8 Glanville's daughter uses a seance to investigate Borley Rectory further
  • 1938 In a seance Borley Rectory is threatened with destruction by fire, 27 March.
  • 1938 Price and investigators move out on 19th May.
  • 1938 Captain Gregson purchases Borley Rectory intending to capitalize on its reputation, December.
  • 1938 Price makes a BBC broadcast about Borley Rectory.
  • 1939 Borley Rectory burns down on 27th February.
  • 1939 Captain Gregson makes a BBC broadcast about Borley Rectory, April.
  • 1939 Price meets the Whitehouses and changes his view of Mrs. Foyster’s involvement.
  • 1939-44 Dr. AJB Robertson and others make numerous visits to the ruins of Borley Rectory
  • 1939-44 Dr. AJB Robertson submits a report to Price, later published in The End of Borley Rectory.


  • 1940 Rev. GE Smith dies the same day as The Most Haunted House in England is published on 3rd August.
  • 1940 Many people contact Price describing unexplained phenomina at Rectory site.
  • 1941 Price makes a BBC broadcast about Borley Rectory.
  • 1943 Price conducts excavation of Borley Rectory's wells and cellars. Finds include human bones, 17th August.
  • 1944 Ruins of Borley Rectory demolished.
  • 1944 Price and Miss Ledsham of Time-Life magazine visit Borley Rectory during demolition work, "flying brick" photographed.
  • 1945 In a letter to the Church Times, Mrs. Smith denies the she or Rev. Smith ever believed Borley Rectory to be haunted./li>
  • 1946 The End of Borley Rectory published.
  • 1946 & 47 Price with others makes a BBC broadcast about Borley Rectory.
  • 1948 Harry Price dies whilst writing a third Borley Rectory book, 29th March.
  • 1948 Mrs. Smith repeats her disbelief of Borley Rectory haunting in a letter to the Daily Mail, 26th May.
  • 1948 Charles Sutton, writing in the Inky Way Annual, accuses Price of manufacturing phenomena on their visit in 1929.
  • 1950-Present

  • 1954 Mr. S. H. Glanville dies.
  • 1956 The Haunting of Borley Rectory - A Critical Survey of the Evidence by EJ Dingwall, KM Goldney and TH Hall published.
  • 1965 An Examination of the "Borley Report" by Robert J. Hastings published, March.


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