The Cadogan Hotel, built in 1887 in London's SW1, off Sloane Square, was at the heart of one of Victorian societies most infamous indiscretions. The 65 room hotel is infamous for being the venue where Oscar Wilde was arrested in room 118.

The Cadogan Hotel

Society beauty, courtesan and actress Lillie Langtry lived at 21 Pont Street from 1892 to 1897. Even after she had sold the house, Lillie would stay in her old bedroom, by then a part of the hotel. It was at The Cadogan that Lillie would court Edward the Prince of Wales, the future King of England. Langtry's is now a restaurant within the hotel. There is a display of memorabilia honoring both Wilde and Langtry in the main bar.

The ghost at Cadogen hotel is that of Lillie Langtry it is said that her apparition is only seen when the hotel is near empty. Her presence is often seen and felt on Christmas Day in and around the restaurant area.