The Deane House was built in 1906 as the official residence for the Superintendent of the Royal North West Mounted Police, Richard Burton Deane. The house has terrified many visitors over the years with full apparitions being witnessed.

The Deane House

It was originally located on the corner of 9 Ave. and 6 Street S.E. In 1929, the Deane house was moved to its present location and became a boarding house for several decades up until 1973. The Deane House has in recent years the house has a growing reputation as being the most haunted house in Canada

During its time as a boarding lodge, there was a number of unusual deaths, a man was fatally wounded after falling down the staircase, a young woman jumping to her death from the second story window and a man was gunned down on the porch. In 1933, a father and son were residents at the Deane House, the boy was epileptic and because of his illness was rejected by his peers and bullied. The son suffering from depression committed suicide in the attic.

There are two well documented deaths that occurred in more recent years, these are the murder/suicide deaths of Irma and Roderick Umperville in 1952. Mrs. Umperville was repeatedly stabbed and strangled by her husband, who then committed suicide, all this was done in front of there two young children. This tragedy took place in the apartment that used to be Superintendent Deane's main floor office. This apartment is also where a previous owner, Alex Brotherton, lived and died of natural causes.

In 1973, the house became host to a gallery and a studio for local artists and finally, in 1978, was designated a "Registered Provincial Historic Site". The first reports of strange and paranormal occurrences at the house came in the late 1970's and early 1980's, when it was used as studio space for artists. Today the Deane house, remains a part of Fort Calgary as well as a restaurant.

The Calgary Association of Paranormal Investigations deems the Deane House as definitively haunted, due to a series of random and unexplainable events, sounds, and occurrences. Many of the serving staff claim to have experienced some form of paranormal activity during their time at the Deane House. Some recall hearing laughter in the front foyer, however upon investigation no one is there.

In the late 1990's local TV station CFCN brought a psychic out to the Deane house. The psychic picked up on two different spirits, one close to the porch area (thought to be the man who was gunned down on the porch) and another in the Parlour (now the bar area). The psychic also stated that he believed the house to be on an Indian burial ground.

The ghost of a Native American man has being seen on more than one occasion inside the house. On one such occasion the ghost was seen in the basement by a woman who was looking for clues during one of the murder mystery events the Deane House hosts. According to the witness the ghostly Indian screamed at her that she was on sacred ground and to get out.

In the area of the house remade to look like Mr. Deane's study, individuals have seen an image of a man sitting in the chair, smoking a pipe. Additionally, many guests comment that they can smell tobacco, although the entire house is non-smoking. In the study area is an antique phone that has been heard spontaneously ringing, although not plugged in. Certain servers have become accustomed to this and state that they simply go about their work, as they are aware the phone is not for them.

Server Alez Jackci remembers working late one night and seeing an image of a man floating down the hallway, with the lower portion of his limbs missing. Jackci stated the man didn't seem to notice him, and walked down the stairs and out the door.

A supervisor at the restaurant Mrs Schniedmiller has heard the piano on the upper floor being played on more than one occasion, upon investigation there is never anyone in the room. The music always stops just before she enters the room, on one such occasion she felt a blast of cold air pass her as she entered the room and a distinct drop in temperature.

A former manager Robert was working late on his own, at the restaurant when his bag suddenly levitated from the shelf it was on and came across the room and landed softly at his feet. It was the last time he worked alone at the Deane House.

The attic is seemingly a hotbed of paranormal activity, in one of the cupboards in the attic is reputedly a bloodstain that changes in size, and reappears regardless of the number of times it has been washed. This reddish brown stain certainly does exist and is found in a closet in the attic. The closet with the stain is always accessible because the spirits present will not allow the door to be locked. The staff have tried locking the door but to no avail, they have found that a short while later the door is always open with the lock either lying on the floor or still on the wall latch in the locked position.