When builders were brought in to do some repairs at Flitwick Manor, a wooden door was discovered which opened into a hidden room. After the room had been opened, staff at the hotel noticed an ominus change in the Manor's atmosphere.

Flitwick Manor Hotel

Flitwick Manor Hotel is located in Flitwick, Bedfordshire nestling in acres of tranquil gardens and wooded parkland, the Menzies Flitwick Manor hotel near Woburn is a classic Georgian country house hotel. The Manor is elegantly furnished with fine antiques and period pieces. Flitwick Manor was constructed for John Thomas Brooks who moved in following his marriage to Mary in 1816. It then passed through the generations until 1934 when the family died out. It stayed in private hands until 1984 when Somerset Moore converted it to a restaurant. It was sold in 1990, to Menzies Hotels.

This ghost story begins 100 years ago home of the Lyall family the descendents of John Thomas brooks. One of the Lyall's children was mortally ill; they were cared for in his last days by the old housekeeper Mrs. Banks, a short woman with white hair. The family decided that she was poisoning him, and dismissed the housekeeper. The patient subsequently died, and so closed a sad chapter in the history of the Lyalls.

Jim Sparkes, was a builder who had been brought in to do some repairs and modifications, he was removing some roof tiles at the front of the manor. Beneath the tiles was a wooden door which opened into a hidden room. The room seems to have been servants' quarters, possibly Mrs. Banks, the Old Housekeeper's original bedroom. Looking round the room he found an old doorway which had been bricked up and had obviously led into the upper floor of the manor.

After the room had been discovered the staff at the hotel noticed a change in the Manors atmosphere. The next night the receptionist Miss Dawson who was staying at the hotel in room 7 awoke to see the ghost of an old woman in her room. Miss Dawson was terrified she leapt out of bed and ran out into the hall way screaming. On re-entering the room she found all the lights switched on, even though when she had left the room moments earlier it had been in darkness. Miss Dawson later said that she felt that the reason she was so upset was because the old woman was crying and that there was a strong sense of anguish in the room. The manager of the hotel who slept on the second floor heard footsteps above her coming from the hidden room.

In 1994 John Hinds, a director had booked into Flitwick Manor for the night after a business conference in the area. Just after 01:00 he finally prepared for bed and turned off the lights in his room. Shortly after settling down he was disturbed by the feeling of something very heavy landing at the foot of the bed. He sat up and turned on the light but when he looked there was nothing there. Tired he turned off the lights and settled down to try to sleep.

About fifteen minutes later he was again disturbed but this time by a shuffling sound coming from the bottom of the bed. Quickly he switched on the light and sat up. There, sitting at his feet was the silhouette of a woman looking towards the window. After an understandable hesitation he asked "Who are you? What do you want?" The woman did not respond and continued to stare at the window before gradually fading away until there was nothing there. After that Mr. Hinds spent the rest of the night with the lights on too afraid to sleep in the room.

The duty manager was also confronted by the housekeepers ghost in the upstairs corridor the woman was walking towards him before she got to him she slowly faded away. The previous owner of Flitwick Manor has said that his mum often spoke of a ghost at the Manor; it would knock on her bedroom door at night.