The Goldfield Hotel has featured on Fox Channel's 'World's Scariest Places' and on Sci-Fi Channel's 'Scariest Places on Earth'. It is Nevada's most haunted building and is one of the top ten most haunted buildings in America.

The town of Goldfield was born when gold was discovered in 1902 and within just a few short years, it became the largest city in Nevada. Between 1903 and 1940, Goldfield's mines produced more than $86 million in gold. In addition to its numerous saloons, the city once boasted three newspapers, five banks, a mining stock exchange, and a population of nearly 35,000.

Goldfield Hotel

In 1908, the Goldfield Hotel, designed by Architect George E. Holesworth, was opened built on the former site of the Nevada Hotel, which had burned down in a fire in 1905, the hotel was first owned by J. Franklin Douglas and several other investors. The four story building of stone and brick cost over $300,000 to build and included 154 rooms with telephones, electric lights and heated steam.

The lobby was paneled with mahogany and furnished in black leather upholstery, beneath gold-leaf ceilings and crystal chandeliers. The hotel imported chefs from Europe and boasted one of the first Otis elevators west of the Mississippi River. Considered to be the most luxurious hotel between Chicago and San Francisco, it appealed to society's upper class, making it an immediate success.

George Wingfield, primary owner of the Goldfield Consolidated Mines Company, and hotel entrepreneur, Casey McDannell, saw the Goldfield Hotel as a great investment opportunity and bought it. Wingfield was a multi-millionaire by the age of 30 and became a political powerhouse in the State of Nevada. After making his fortune in the gold fields, he went on to own a chain of banks, numerous ranches, and several Reno hotels, in addition to his interest in the Goldfield Hotel

Eight years after Goldfield was founded, the volume of gold being found began to decrease and many of its residents began to move on to more prosperous gold fields. By 1920, the gold was almost gone and the city was reduced to just about 1,500 people. Three years later, a devastating fire wiped out 27 blocks of homes and businesses.

In 1923, the Goldfield Hotel was sold to Newton Crumley, another hotel entrepreneur who owned the Commericial Hotel in Elko, Nevada. Newton dug two mine shafts beneath the hotel in 1925 neither shaft yielded any gold.

By the 1930s, when the town supported fewer than 1,000 residents, it had become little more than a stop over for cowboys and weary travelers. During World War II, it housed Army Air Corp personnel assigned to the Tonopah Air Base 25 miles north of Goldfield. After the soldiers checked out the hotel in 1945, the hotel closed its doors for the final time.

The latest purchase was made in 1985 by a San Francisco investor named Lester O'Shea who planned to restore and reopen the hotel. O'Shea's company went bankrupt before the restoration could be completed. In 2003, the county auctioned off the old hotel, as well as nearly ninety other parcels of historic land. A rancher from Carson City the only bidder and bought the hotel for $360,000. Today this once thriving town has a population of less than 500 residents.

The Goldfield Hotel is now thought of as being Nevada's, most haunted building and is often mentioned as being in the top ten most haunted buildings in America.

The most famous of the ghosts at the hotel is that of a woman named Elizabeth from the 1930's. According to the legend, Elizabeth was a prostitute that Newton Crumley visited frequently. One day she turned up pregnant, claiming the child was Crumley's, for a while paid her to stay away, fearful of a scandal. When she could no longer hide the pregnancy, Crumley was said to have lured her into room 109 of the hotel, where he chained her to a radiator. He supplied Elizabeth with food and water, and she was left there until the child could be born. Ufortunatly there were complications during the birth and Elizabeth died, in anger Crumbley threw the new born baby down a mine shaft under the hotel.

Afterwards, rumors abounded that Elizabeth continued to haunt Crumley and the sound of a crying child could sometimes be heard coming from the depths of the hotel. Elizabeth's ghost has been described as having long flowing hair, wearing a white gown, and looking terribly sad as she paces the hallways, calling out to her child. There have been reports of her being seen in Room 109, which is often described as being intensely cold, most people report that while their cameras function normally everywhere else in the hotel, they refuse to work in room 109.

George Wingfield is said to haunt his old hotel, making his presence known by his pungent cigar smoke. Others have reported finding fresh cigar ashes in his first floor room. His presence has also been sensed near the giant lobby staircase. This is also the spot where the ghosts of two children and a midget have been seen, that are said to enjoy sneaking up behind people and tapping their backs, the sound of giggling and has also been reported.

In the Gold Room what was once the main dining room, a malevolent spirit, nicknamed "The Stabber," his apparition is said to attack visitors with a large kitchen knife, the knife and attacker disappears on contact. Though the Stabber has never harmed anyone, many guests have been so scared they have run from the hotel never to return even for there luggage.

In the 1920's a miner was murdered in the hotel and his body thrown down the lift shaft on the second floor. Over the preceding decades his ghost has been seen wandering the second floor corridors, he has more recently been seen in the empty lift shaft. Strange noises have also been heard coming from here.

Two more ghosts who reportedly committed suicide in third floor rooms of the hotel have been sighted by more than a dozen people. While their identities are unknown, one is said to be a woman who hanged herself, while the other is said to be a man who jumped to his death from the hotel. Both of these ghost's sightings are confined to the third floor.

On the fourth floor there was a gun fight at the end of the corridor, one man was killed there. When on the fourth floor guest and visitors often report of being pushed from behind by an unseen entity. The sounds of gunshots have also been heard on the fourth floor.

Mediums who have visited Goldfield Hotel have picked up on what they call high psychic energy in two of the rooms, a bedroom on the third floor and the Theodore Roosevelt Room. They believe that this energy has created a portal to the other side.