Apparently I am someone that 'stirs' up spirits where-ever I go. I have had many paranormal experiences and seen ghosts on a number of occassions. I bought a house in Brighton, that had been built in 1877 and it seems to be paranormally active.

The house had been owned by a policeman who bought it from new and then it had passed to his spinster daughter who had died in the house. It was in a dreadful state and took three months to get one room, the kitchen and bathroom habitable. We moved in and spent another six months getting the rest of the house together. My husband Is a builder and we had great fun refurbishing the house and returning it to its original splendour.

Once we had furnished the place we settled back to enjoy it and then some odd things started to happen. One night I woke up very suddenly totally witless with fright. My side of the bed was surrounded with freezing cold air. I lay unable to do anything but I reached out for my cat who slept on the bed and the freezing air started to warm up and my terror subsided.

After that, I acquired four more cats - all strays who came in through the cat flap and wouldn't go away. Sometimes we would be sitting in front of the TV and suddenly all five cat heads would turn and stare intently at one place in the room and then all turn away again at the same time. I had plants hanging from the ceiling they would sway violently as if someone was brushing against them.

A friend came to visit for the evening, went up to the bathroom during the course of the evening and then came rushing down, grabbed his girlfriend by the arm and rushed out. He said he had seen a ghost on the landing upstairs and he wasn't staying another minute. Another night we were sitting in front of the TV with a cup of coffee each on the coffee table and something/somebody knocked very hard on it twice.

Another time I was at Hampton Court with my husband. My husband and I were walking along a corridor. We were the only people there at that time. I was looking out of a window down on a cookhouse in the courtyard - my husband was about 12 feet away. I felt a hard rap on the top of head and I looked at him and said 'What did you do that for?' He was still standing 12 feet away examining a painting. 'Do what?' he said.

It was quite apparent he had not hit me on the head. We walked down the corridor and round the corner and came across a guide. My husband told him what had happened. The guide said 'I'm not surprised. Catherine Howard ran down that corridor screaming to Henry VIII not to let her be beheaded as he was praying in this chapel just here. She tries to attract people's attention occasionally.' I was that people on this occasion.

I moved to a new house 25 miles away from Brighton. It is in the middle of undisturbed countryside down a private lane and was built in 1870. One evening I was washing dishes and saw a very thin tall old man dressed in black walk through the wall next to the front door at an oblique angle. After that, I saw him quite a few times walking in and out where there is now a wall, but where there was once the back door to the house.

Then I started to see an old lady who looks a tiny bit like Grandma out of the Waltons, only taller and with whiter hair. She keeps walking through the fence towards some old outhouses that used to be toilets. There is a corner in our lounge room that is permanently freezing cold, even if we have the central heating on and a fire going (we have a huge ingle nook fireplace that about six people could sit in) but it doesn't matter how warm the room is, that corner stays cold.