The North Head Quarantine Station is located in New South Wales, overlooking Sydney harbour. Every building on the site is believed to be haunted. Visitors have reported apparitions walking in front of their cars as they leave the site at night.

The North Head Quarantine station was in full operation from 1828 to 1984. The construction of the station was made to quarantine against all of the potential diseases that people could bring over with them, these included cholera, smallpox, and the bubonic plague.

The North Head Quarantine Station

At peek periods there could be as many as 8 ships moored off Quarantine Beach and the Station would run out of accommodation, those without accommodation would be forced to camp on the surrounding hills, in generally miserable conditions. The healthy were sometimes called upon to clear surrounding bush land and construct hospital and residential buildings, which they did eagerly to break the monotony of being isolated for months on end with little else to do.

The atmosphere of the Station was sombre at best, as most of those quarantined had been forced to endure long voyages from the other side of the world on diseased ridden ships.

Not surprisingly the old Quarantine Station is now said to be the one of most haunted places in Australia, since records were first kept, reports of the ghosts of the doctors and nurses returning to haunt the station have flooded in.

The National parks and Wildlife Service regularly conducts a three hour ghost tour after sunset, where visitors are lead by tour guides through the winding unlit streets and buildings of the North Head Quarantine Station.

Every building and open area on the site is believed to be haunted by at least one ghost. Visitors have reported seeing apparitions walking in front of their cars as they leave the site at night, as they are driving down North Head Scenic Drive. Psychics have claimed to have been led around the station by ghostly nurses, and long dead patients all still remaining within the confines of the complex. American TV's Ghost Hunters Team visited the site recently and found enough evidence to suggest that the site is haunted by several different entities, who have remained at the site.

One of the more common accounts you may hear while on the ghost tours are that of the ghostly girl with blonde plaits who occasionally holds a tourists hand and leads them along the pathways. Some visitors see her hiding behind bushes or even tugging at their jacket sleeve. Guests have said she speaks to them or see her as a child on a tour, only to be told later that there were no children on their tour. In the Asian quarters visitors have reported seeing the ghost of a Chinese man dressed in authentic period robes.

Other paranormal experiences at North Head Quarantine Station include: lights turning themselves on and off in locked buildings, strange sounds and footsteps coming from the verandas, and the feeling of being touched by an unseen force.

Many people have felt uncomfortable and have frozen on the spot of the old cemetery where a lone gravestone now is the only remaining evidence of the hundreds of bodies buried below.

Several buildings on the site were destroyed by fire in 2001. One of the buildings was the station's original hospital. Several ghosts were seen here before the fire; these were either laying in the hospital beds, or wondering around the wards. There are plans in the future to reconstruct this building because of its historic importance, and of course, its haunted history as well. There is a corrugated-iron structure on the site that houses the station's shower block. Paranormal events here include: doors slamming shut, lights turning on and off, bangs against the walls, and the sounds of footsteps.