Speke Hall is a fifteenth century Tudor house accompanied by impressive period features, beautiful gardens and its very own ghost. The Hall is run by the National Trust and has recently been visited by Living TV's Most Haunted team.

Speke Hall is located just outside Liverpool, just minutes away from Liverpool Airport. The sites history predates the current house by many hundreds of years with evidence of former buildings being incorporated in the manor walls. Speke Hall is one of the finest examples of black and white timberwork left in England.

Speke Hall

The ghost here is thought to be that of Mary Norris a descendant of Sir William Norreys the first owner of Speke Hall. In 1791 Mary inherited Speke Hall from her uncle, Richard Norris. Five years later Mary married Lord Sidney Beauclerk, a hopeless gambler. Lord Beauclerk enjoyed high living and indulged himself much in the London society of the day.

Mary soon fell pregnant and produced a son for Lord Beauclerk she hoped he would stop his gambling. Unfortunately this was not the case shortly after their son's birth he returned from London to announce that his recklessness had resulted in financial ruin and that they faced poverty and disgrace. In a fit of rage Mary picked up her son and threw him from the Tapestry room window to his death in the moat below. Mary then made her way to the great hall and took her own life.

It is believed to be Mary's ghost that haunts the Tapestry Room; there are references to the haunted chamber and a ghostly lady in white going back over a century. Members of staff and visitors have remarked at having seen or sensed a presence in the Tapestry room. Miss Adelaide MacGregor was one visitor who witnessed the ghost, she described seeing a translucent figure walk across the room and vanished into the wall close to a window. Later investigation of the area revealed a secret passage that led through an outer wall into the grounds.

There is also a report that on one occasion that a ghost appeared at a dinner party given by Miss Watt (the last private owner of Speke Hall). Miss Watt and her guests all saw the ghost, and they tried to make contact with it before it disappeared though a wall. In recent years there have been reports from staff of hearing the sound of children crying these incidences only occur at night. Speke Hall has just recently been visited by Living TV's Most Haunted team.