Number 35 Stonegate, York, is one of the most haunted houses in the UK. To date there have been fourteen different ghosts reported by mediums, psychics and visitors. Number 35 also featured on Derek Acorah's TV program, Ghost Towns.

There has been proven habitation of over a thousand years on the site of the property and the current house has been standing since 1482. Number 35 is a magnificent medieval building with a variety of rooms of different sizes.

As you walk through the majestic home, you feel the presence of the past through the architectural designs from Georgian to late Victorian. For over 200 years, the building was the home to "The Sign of the Bible" a publishing house. In 1873, John Ward Knowles purchased the home as the last heir to the publishing house had passed away.

Ghost caught in the mirror at 35 Stonegate

Jonathan Cainer took over the building in 1999, during an interview with the "This is York" web site it was stated, "Initially, after buying the building, he was aware only of a handful (of ghosts) a couple in one of the back rooms and a distraught lady who used to hang around in the kitchen. And there was a male presence that one or two people had seen. Jonathan began to renovate the old building, this involved digging in the foundations. The workmen must have disturbed something. "Suddenly we couldn't move for spectral figures," Jonathan said. "It was like Piccadilly Circus."

Probably its most famous ghost is that of Tom who is said to linger in the Seance Room on the second floor. Fright Nights medium, Ian Doherty described Tom's ghost as "a tall man who was attired totally in black and wears a hat".

A photgraph capturing orbs at 35 Stonegate

The Seance room is wooden panelled each with carvings of flowers and demons. During a visit to Number 35 Stonegate by Derek Acorah's TV program Ghost Towns, a possession took place during which Derek the medium was dragged backwards against his will. The room has several Ouija Boards set up ready for use.

The figure of a balding monk has been seen in the Lantern Room, and an apparition of an elegant Georgian Lady has been seen in the Dining Room. Doors opening and shutting with accompanying bangs and creaks are heard by visitors when alone in the house. Visitors have also felt the icy touch of invisible fingers and heard eerie screeching from the attic.