This is still very fresh in my memory as it only happened a couple of days ago. On Friday 19th April 2013, I was visiting Aberdeen, Scotland with my 15 year old son. We stayed in a hotel near the airport called Menzies Dyce.

When checking in, the receptionist kindly upgraded us to a deluxe twin room which I thought was very kind as I never asked for an upgrade. The room number was 116 and was on the ground floor and quite a distance along the corridor which was quite dimly lit. The room itself was lovely, very clean and large with a sofa, complimentary chocolates etc.

Menzies Dyce Hotel

Once settled we opened the window and were thinking of where we would eat. That is when my son first saw 'it' - going really fast, almost animated, was a black hooded figure racing past the room outside, visible from about waist upwards looking outside the window.

My son was visibly shaken and he said it was scary - I suggested it was probably someone just running past. Only about 10 minutes or so later, I was relaxing on my bed and glancing out the window when I saw 'it' - it was walking quite fast and all I saw was a black hooded figure from the side - the hair on my arms stood on end and I just felt very uneasy.

This happened about 5 or 6 times over the next hour or so and no-one or nothing else walked past the window. Then, my son was in the bathroom and I was looking at the window and 'it' walked past but stopped this time and looked right into the room for a few seconds - it was the most dreadful and horrible face I've ever seen - there wasn't really even a 'face' as such but just eyes which seemed to be very far back and no nose and just an angry line for a mouth - it was looking right at me then just went away.

It was only about 6pm by that time but I was so frightened I told my son we'd be getting room service and to put the chain on the door and lock the window and shut the curtains. I am a smoker but I didn't even leave that room for a cigarette until the next morning.

My son told me I’d woke him up in the middle of the night and was talking in my sleep (something I don't normally do) and my voice sounded slurred and strange and that I got up from the bed and shouted something he couldn't understand then got back into bed. He and I both had a very restless night and the next morning just showered and got out of there.

Walking along the corridor felt eerie, as though something or someone was behind us and in front of us at the same time and like we were being 'watched' - I told the receptionist about our awful experience and asked if any other guests had said anything about that room but she hadn't heard of anything at all or so she said.

I don't know what it was or what it wanted but it was not human and certainly scared me and my son and we are not easily scared. If anyone knows or has an idea of what this was and what it wanted it would be good to know.


Story Sent in by Isobel Malik