I live in Thornton about 30 minutes from Chingle Hall, when growing up I read a story about the hall in one of Uri Geller's magazines. Once I found out that Chingle hall was so close, I decided that when I was old enough to drive I would go there with my friends.

When I turned 17 and I had passed my driving test (this was in 1998), I phoned Chingle Hall to request an overnight stay with 3 friends, this was before the new owners took over. The house was booked up until September, I was determined to go and could not wait to do some real life ghost hunting. I had grown up in which was reportedly the most paranormally active house in Thornton Cleveleys, for the strange happenings had been reported over the last 100 years before we moved in. I had no paranormal experiences there but had always been interested in the paranormal.

The months rolled by and along came September we were all excited and slightly worried about our stay but really wanted to go. On arrival we were greeted by Pat she gave us a tour of the house, we viewed the photos that guests had taken and walked the grounds.

We decided to spend the night in Elinor's room on entering I straight away felt like my world was spinning almost as if i was going to pass out. At the same time I also had the feeling of welcome. I mentioned this to my friends who told me that I was looking pale, unlike me cause i have a tan. One of my friend said that he could feel somebody trying to hold his hand and was shaking it away.

After the initial activity had stopped we lay on our rubber mats with our recorders and camera's and waited. We had heard the if you tune a radio into a static frequency and spoke you would get answers, we decided to give this a try. After about 30 minutes of asking if anyone was there, I can swear we heard “go away”, our initial instinct was wow oh my god did you hear that. We tried again and heard a little girl we thought was Elle, crying. We were all freaked out by now and all of us wanted the night to be over.

We went down to the kitchen and waited for morning to come, all scared to death with the feeling of being watched upon us. As i looked out of the window I could see what I thought looked like a lion I pointed it out to my friends but they could not see anything and soon enough it had vanished.

Chingle Hall is a creepy place the lanes and Chingle Cottage on the way up look bizarre. I have since been back in 2003 whist the new owners were there. They digging around the moat with a mini JCB. When I asked what was happing I was told that they were looking for a decapitated head that is supposedly buried around the grounds, its supposed to in a lead box.

Sent in by Carl Houghton