A second visit took place in October 2003. We did not experience as much on this trip but there were still incidents of cold spots and a great moment in the Chapel (captured on film) where a chair can be heard scraping across the floor.

Pat was not available on this visit so the owner Trevor provided the tour. This was interesting because his approach was very different. Trevor concentrated more on the history of the house, the De singleton history and the structure changes that had taken place around the original rooms in the house. He did however say he had a few strange experiences in the house, the first being on his first day there.

He told us, he was in the garden having a cigarette and talking to the neighbor whilst having a break from unpacking. Outside the house was a bell on the wall attached to the phone line obviously put there by the previous owner to advise if the phone rang whilst outdoors. This bell rang several times and Trevor's neighbor said he should answer the phone. Trevor had not yet installed the phone so there was nothing to answer, the phone rang for several minutes and stopped once Trevor entered the house to investigate.

On the whole, the second visit was perhaps hampered by a larger group and higher expectations. We have some photographs with possible orbs but these could be normal light anomalies, nothing any of us feel any excitement for.

We still had a good night though because the atmosphere there is terrific and we knew what we were getting. It is easy to get carried away but we are getting better at taking a rational approach to any supposed phenomena that happens.

For our third visit in September this year, we will be taking a lot more equipment with us including thermometers, compass, trigger object tests, digital camera's and hope to come away with some kind of semi scientific record of our stay. We've been there as novice ghost enthusiasts, returned with a keenness to prove their existence at the house and are now about to embark on a more scientific vigil to complete our record of Chingle Hall. I for one, can't wait.

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