Bolebroke Castle is located in the village of Hartfield, East Sussex, it was constructed in 1480. Reports of paranormal activity include unexplained howls and screams, severe temperature changes and being touched by an unseen entities.

The castle was used as a hunting lodge by Henry VIII when he went hunting for wild boar and venison in the nearby Ashdown Forest. It was also from Bolebroke that Henry would Court Anne Boleyn at the nearby Hever Castle just 5 miles away.

The many paneled rooms of the Castle contain original furniture from the 16th Century along with beamed ceilings and a magnificent Elizabethan staircase carved from solid oak which is said to be one of the finest in existence. The current owners offer a bed and breakfast service as well as ghost tours of the property.

Bolebroke Castle

Bolebroke Castle has a long history of paranormal activity with numerous owners and guests having seen ghosts during there time here. The ghost of a headless woman, in a grey Tudor era dress has been seen in the Great Hall; some believe that this is the apparition of Ann Boleyn.

The ghost of a young nun has been seen in the hall and on the staircase of the castle. The nun's presence is usually seen or felt after dark; it is often accompanied by a drop in temperature. It is thought that she is searching for someone, a secret lover that came to a tragic end on the grand staircase.

Male voices have been heard grunting at visitors as they walk up the grand staircase, other guests have had the sensation of being pushed from behind. In a bedroom on the first floor guests had reported being woken by their bedding being forcibly pulled off the bed other guests have awoken to see a figure at the end of the bed watching them.

Other reports of paranormal activity include unexplained howls and screams, severe temperature changes, whispers, rapping's, light anomalies and being touched by an unseen entities.

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