Donnington Castle and its ruins are haunted by several different ghosts. In 1990 several visitors witnessed the apparition of a white dog running down the hill from the castle towards the woods where it vanished before reaching the tree line.

Donnington Castle is a ruined medieval castle, situated in the small village of Donnington, just north of the town of Newbury in the English county of Berkshire. It was built by Richard Abberbury, under a licence granted by King Richard II in 1386 AD. It has seen out many English wars, and was besieged several times during the English Civil War. All that remains of the castle today is the substantial four towered gatehouse, and the surrounding earthworks.

Donnington Castle

The gatehouse itself is home to the ghost of a guard who appears in solid form and suddenly vanishes. The guard's ghost has been seen on both floors of the gatehouse, he is often mistaken for a guide in period dress.

A ghostly re-enactment of a skirmish between a Royalist cavalry patrol from the castle and a superior parliamentary force from the town of Donnington is still sometimes seen in Love Lane.

The ghostly form of 'the Green Lady', thought to be Lady Hoby (a previous owner of the Castle) has also been seen by the castle gates. The ghost is said to ask visitors why the gates are closed, before suddenly disappearing.

A group of young campers witnessed the horrifying sight of an apparition of an elderly Royalist soldier with a young woman in a headlock, pulling her hair. Alarmed by this vision before them one of the campers bravely shouted out at the Royalist cavalier to "leave her alone"; the phantom soldier then growled loudly and carried on pulling his victim's hair. When the startled group approached the apparition, the soldier stood back, and let out another almighty growl and both figures completely vanished.