Built on the site of an ancient Iron age settlement stands the hulking, dominating presence of Margam Castle. In recent years the high number of reports of paranormal activity haveoften brought psychic investigations to the property.

A striking piece of Gothic architecture, the Castle was commissioned in 1830 by Christopher Rice Mansel Talbot. The previous incarnation of the castle had been mysteriously levelled 53 years beforehand and replaced with an orange grove. Over the ten years taken to complete the building it is thought that there were several cases of experienced masons falling to their death from scaffolding the castle walls.

Margam Castle

Once built Margam Castle was home to the Talbot family. The Talbot's were wealthy people and the castle was home to a small community of house staff, groundskeepers and workmen. The Talbot family lived here until the outbreak of war in 1939.

At that time the castle was bought by David Evans-Bevan, who found it difficult the take care of the vast property and the property was requisitioned and used by British and American forces during World War Two.

After the war the Castle fell into disrepair and was acquired and restored by Glamorgan Council during the 1970's. Today the Castle can be visited all year round as a tourist attraction. The house is still staffed 24 hours a day by a dedicated staff, many of whom have bore witness of some truly terrifying encounters.

One frequently encountered spirit is thought the be Robert Scott a gamekeeper at the house for many years. It is thought that Scott was murdered by a poacher and his spirit still rages around the grounds today. Robert Scott has often been seen purposefully ascending the Gothic staircase leading the Castle. His presence has come forward regularly with psychic investigators, all of whom have insisted his spirit is consumed with rage over his unjust killing.

Margam Castle

The sound of giggling children is heard frequently through the long corridors and dramatic rooms of the family areas. There have been reports of children in Victorian dress seen drifting in and out of doorways and mischievously moving objects.

The large figure of the blacksmith is a familiar vision to many of the gamekeepers and gardening staff who maintain the vast castle grounds. At night security guards have reported running footsteps and chattering voices with no sign of any living intruder.

In recent years the high reports of paranormal activity have brought psychic investigations to the property. Reports of cold spots and orbs in the Castle were frighteningly abundant, it seems the the Castle is flushed with psychic energy.

Rocks have been thrown at those who hold seances and endeavour to speak with the spirits. The most violent and angry spirit is certainly Robert Scott who is said to have slammed doors and hurled projectiles, and emit a foreboding presence.

Margam Castle is an impressive and dramatic site and was only recently been reoccupied after many years of disrepair. The number of paranormal stories coming from the site on a regular basis could make this property a contender for most haunted house in Britain.