The Ruthin Castle Hotel is located in the town, Denbighshire, North Wales. It's most famous ghost is the Grey lady, who has been seen throughout the interior of the castle, the battlements, the old Chapel and the Medieval Banqueting Hall.

The construction of Ruthin castle started around 1277, under the orders of Edward I, who is notable for waging wars in both Wales and Scotland. The castle would have been a strategic advantage to quell uprising in Wales, and originally consisted of five round towers, of which only three remain, along with its ruined gatehouse. The castle previously formed part of the Crown Estate until sold by Charles I in 1632 and sits in its ancient walled dry moat within acres of private landscaped gardens, parkland and woods alongside the River Clwyd.

Ruthin Castle

During the English Civil War period the castle was attacked by Oliver Cromwell's troops but managed to hold out against the siege. In 1646 the castle was once again attacked and besieged, the royalist forces surrendered to Major General Mytton in the same year. Ruthin castle was then destroyed, possibly on the orders of parliament.

The castle ruins were incorporated in a large castellated mansion which took the name of the Ruthin Castle. Today the mansion is a luxury hotel, and all the old castle ruins are in the hotel grounds. Medieval banquets are held nightly, except Sundays, in the hotel, and the ruins may be inspected by permission of the hotel management. The ruins include the battlements, the whipping pit, drowning pit and the dungeons.

The castle's most famous ghost is known as the Grey Lady as she is dressed from head to foot in grey. The most popular of these stories is that she was the wife of the second in command at the castle when it was a fortress inhabited by the armies of Edward I. The Grey Lady discovered that her powerful husband was having an affair with a local woman, in a jealous rage she murdered her husband's lover with an axe.

When the terrible act was discovered, the Grey Lady was sentenced to death. No local clergymen would allow her to be buried on consecrated ground. Because she could not be buried in a church in consecrated grounds it was decided that she be buried just outside the Castle walls, her grave is still evident .

The Grey lady's ghost has been seen throughout the interior of the castle, the battlements, the old Chapel and the Medieval Banqueting Hall. Her ghost has also been seen outside the castle walls wandering the grounds.

A couple from Canada who visited Ruthin Castle took a photograph of themselves close to the castle's entrance, when the photo was taken both felt and icy chill. A ghostly white mist fills a large proportion of the photograph, the photo has been examined and has not been tampered with.

The Canadian Couple's Photograph at Ruthin Castle

In 2008 a guest who was staying at the Ruthin Castle Hotel in room 8, came down to the hotels reception to complain about loud footsteps from the floor above. When the receptionist checked who had the room above , she found that there was no one is in that room" but she went up and looked around to find no one there. The guest tried to get back to sleep but only a short while later the stomping returned. it continued for a couple of minutes. Two minutes later he heard a man crying out for help.

Early in 2009 a mother and daughter were staying at the hotel, their room was above the banqueting hall. On there first night the mother found herself pinned to her bed unable to move with a heavy weight on her chest. Her terrifying ordeal only finished when her daughter switched on the light after being waken by her mums rasping breaths. On checkout the guests also told the receptionist that they had heard a lady crying the last two nights. At that time the mother and daughter were the only two guests at the Hotel.

Another ghost that has been seen haunting the castle is a Medieval knight in armor wearing only one gauntlet (glove). A large glowing ball of light that has been seen at the castle by many visitors and locals. Other sightings include the spirit of a young girl usually only seen by other children. Unexplained noises, footprints and changes in temperature have also been reported.