Haunted Castles

The Tower of London is the oldest fortress, palace and prison of its type anywhere in Europe. It is no surprise that it is one of the most haunted Castles in Britain. Hundreds of ghost sightings have been reported over the years.

Warwick Castle stands in the City of Warwick overlooking the River Avon. The spirit of a slavering black dog is said to haunt the grounds of the Castle, as well as numerous accounts of ghost sightings over the years being reported.

Tamworth Castle is reputedly the home of many ghosts and spirits that are regularly seen or their presence felt within it's walls and grounds. The most famous ghosts associated with Tamworth castle are the Black Lady and White Lady.

Leap Castle is located in County Offaly, Ireland. The ghosts of monks have been seen on the castle grounds, along with various other ghosts and dark shadows that have also been seen in the ruins of the old priest house.

The original Inverary Castle was a stronghold for the Campbell clan in the 15th century, built by Colin Campbell, the 1st Earl of Argyll but it was burnt down by the Marquis of Montrose in 1644. Numerous paranormal incidents have been witnessed at the site.

Built on the site of an ancient Iron age settlement stands the hulking, dominating presence of Margam Castle. In recent years the high number of reports of paranormal activity haveoften brought psychic investigations to the property.

Donnington Castle and its ruins are haunted by several different ghosts. In 1990 several visitors witnessed the apparition of a white dog running down the hill from the castle towards the woods where it vanished before reaching the tree line.

Calvados Castle was constructed in 1835, in Normandy France, built upon the ruins of an unidentified earlier building. From October 12th 1875 to January 30th 1876 the castle's occupants were terrorized by a highly active poltergeist.

One of the most famous and dramatic events to take place at Lancaster Castle almost 400 years ago were the Pendle Witch trials. Ten witches were charged with the murders of ten people using witchcraft, and were sentenced to death.

Highclere Castle  is a country house in Hampshire, England built in the Jacobean style, it is surrounded by a 1,000-acre (400 ha) estate and park. It is also the main filming location for the British television period drama Downton Abbey.

Herstmonceux Castle is home to a number of ghosts, including a nine foot tall drummer. The giant ghost has been seen on the battlements of the castle and is thought to either be a soldier who was killed at Agincourt or Lord Dacre.

Well, this begins on the grounds around Carisbrooke Castle on the Isle of Wight. The castle is reputed to have a number of ghosts, so together with three other friends we were exploring the castle late at night when we witnessed an unexpected late night visitor.

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