Me and a few friends have encountered an increasing number of somewhat inexplicable experiences in Hempnall's church of St Margaret and it's graveyard. After a number of paranormal sightings we decided to stay in the church overnight. 

St Margret's Church, Hempnall

We're young and we like wandering around late at night, sometimes we go and chill at the graveyard and in the porch of the church. Nothing was wrong at first, but over time the more we seem go there the more unusual events seem to happen. Our first experience was what appeared to be a silhouetted figure standing on the roof of the church. After enough time for more of us to stop and stare, it slowly but steadily made it's way across the roof of the tower eventually hiding itself from our view. We quickly left that night.

The second encounter was only caught by one of us who claims to have seen a pale woman's face with distinguishable features for approximately 5 seconds before looking away and looking back to see nothing. Other people who were in the vicinity at the time claim to have possibly seen the same face, but only as a glance. He has since shown me the place this occurred and there is nothing within eye-shot in this area to mistake for a face or anything of the sort.

The next encounter we had and possibly the worst is the third, in which after spending some time in the porch of the church decide to see if the inside is any warmer. Upon opening the door my friend froze silently refusing to enter the church. In trying to see past him we distinctly notice three black figures in the corner, not dissimilar to what we witnessed on the roof during our first encounter.

From what could be made out in the near to non lighting they appeared to be robed with hoods and amongst the silence seemed to be whispering.
Needless to say as soon as we closed the door we practically ran from the area.

Our latest encounter is the reason from writing this message. After yet another strange happening I feel compelled to write this.
After four of us impulsively decided to meet up after not seeing each other in a while we soon remembered the rather stupid fact that we hadn't sorted out any sleeping arrangements and soon resigned ourselves to the idea that we were stranded for the night and eventually after ruling out all other possibility's, also realised that the best and warmest place to sleep would in fact be the church.

During the early hours of the morning two of us were suddenly alerted to the sound of a door being slammed somewhere on the other side of the building and not near and entrance or exit. Me and one of my friends both reacted to this straight away staring towards the origin of the sound, as far as I know my friend didn't know I was awake and the next morning he admitted to hearing the sound before I revealed my knowledge of the happening as well.

The night was cold and none of us were sleepy let alone able to sleep due to the temperature so I rule out the idea of mistaking dreams for reality and we were all 100% sure that no-one would be in, or using the church any time that day or the next making us all sure that we were in fact alone in the building when this event took place.

My opinion is that this is too many events for one place for it to be imagination playing up on us, we all enjoy being out in the dark and it's not something that scares us, so I just want to know.

Why this one place?

Story sent in by Adam